Q&A Could This Be the End?

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Hi Rick... My husband and I attended the EMS weekend in October. Since then, I thought things were improving. We've obviously had some setbacks as far as arguments, but that seemed to me as part of the "process". We were about 2 1/2 years out from DDay when we attended the seminar. I have felt for a long time, that something wasn’t right in our marriage; before his affairs and even after discovery. We've been doing the aftercare with our small group. My husband has sworn to me...most every day...that he would never cheat again and never look at porn again. But today I literally caught him watching porn. It was so disturbing to me and rocked my core. I truly believed his words. We've been through so much counseling, that I couldn't believe he would want to risk our progress and my trust. At first he told me how sorry he was and that he loves me and felt terrible. And then later, he got defensive and started critiquing me about my drinking too much, and arguing too much and basically he turned on me. I really am lost and confused and honestly think we may have reached our ending. I can't tell you how his words have hurt me and my trust and belief in him is almost gone. I asked him to seek some help, but he lashed out out me. Words of advice?



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