Q&A How and When do I Process All the Information of the Affairs?

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We're nearing two years from the first D-day of my husband’s emotional and physical yearlong affair (half of that continued after D-day). There have been many other d-days along the way. The most recent information shared with me was devastating... that there have been other affairs, physical, at the beginning of our marriage. November will be our 16 year anniversary, which would put the other affairs at less than a year of marriage right after he joined the military. This changed things for me. Dramatically. Affairs have been rampant within his family... and I feel like a complete fool to believe that my husband was immune to this pattern. He has now stepped up to get help, through a recovery program and discipleship with an experienced friend from church. I guess my question is...I'm so tired. I'm SO sick of living through this crap. And now there are other affairs that I can't even think about processing through right now...it's too much. So how, and when, do I?



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