Q&A How Can I Assure My Betrayed Mate of My Good Intentions?

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Rick, I hit ground zero recently with my spouse and gave her full disclosure of the physical and emotional affair that I had. I also confessed to her things that neither she nor anyone else has ever known. I am doing everything I can to reassure her that I have no desire for anyone or anything but her and god in my life. I am normally a very outgoing person and as my spouse has stated sometimes tend to go into an extended conversation rather easily. I have tried to limit things that may cause triggers for my spouse. During a workout at the gym we attend a young lady who works there walked up and asked me a question. I answered her questions and explained why I was doing the exercise that I was doing. The conversation may have lasted two minutes at the max. As she walked away I looked up to see my spouse staring my way with discontent and anger. Immediately I went to her to explain what the conversation was but was met with bitterness and told to go away so that is what I did. My question is how do I reassure my betrayed spouse that I am all in with and for her and her alone? Thanks



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