Q&A How Do I Feel Safe If My Spouse Isn't as Committed to Recovery as I Am?

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I am simply lost. We are in week 11 of EMS Online, I'm in week 9 of Harboring Hope, and my husband is in week 2 of Hope for Healing. All of this is because of me. He has not utilized the resources and continues to not get the need for honesty. He continues to make the same excuses but does nothing to help himself, like reaching out through the messaging board or individuals in our respective groups. I am absolutely lost. My hope for a better future dwindling to nothing. I don't want to be his accountability partner and I know it wouldn't be received well anyway. Defensiveness is ever present along with self deception. He is unable to talk honestly about his addiction and temptations. I feel unsafe and that my only option us to heal individually. Any words of encouragement or a reality check would be greatly appreciated.



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