Q&A Is it Safe For Me to Stay?

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This morning I found that my husband had been emailing his AP for a few weeks. This has been a 6 year emotional and physical affair. D-day #1 was 5 years ago. It has been on and off since then. Last contact before this was April this year. He deleted the account he used to contact her but I know how easy it is to open another. I asked him what he's willing to do to make me feel safe. He said he's trying. I do see changes in him but I don't know what is real anymore. He has lied so much that I don't know what truth is. I asked him if he would put software on his phone that I can see everywhere he goes on the Internet. He agreed to this. I also asked for GPS tracking, but he refused that because he doesn't like it. I told him that I don't like any of this! I also asked for both of us to get professional counseling. We have both seen our pastor and his wife. He agreed to get counseling. We are in week 12 of EMSO and I have decided to stick to my commitment to not make any decisions until after we finish the course. I don't want to throw away something that could be great but I can't keep doing this. I could use some advice on boundaries and making hard decisions for my future. I have been seeking God in all of this. He has carried me through every time. Thank you and God bless



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"I don't know if being

"I don't know if being married to an addict is ever safe." This statement hit a chord for me. It should pretty much be a baseline for my marriage. It's NOT safe, so the question becomes, what are my husband and I doing to proactively doing to make it safe? The moment we think it is safe will be the moment the storm will sweep in again.

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