Q&A Should I Tell My Mate That Their Affair Partner Tried to Contact Them?

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My husband and I are 10 weeks past our D-Day. He has started H4H and I have signed up for HH. We are now committed to our marriage, but he had a terrible detox and ambivalence period after his AP cut off contact with him on D-Day. He had to take off work and go on antidepressants. About 6 weeks ago his AP reached out to him via a website the three of us use. He never saw it because he has her blocked. I saw it, because I didn't block her. Should I tell him his AP reached out to him? I hate feeling like I'm keeping a secret from him, but I can't see how telling him would do anything good- especially since we just started moving in the right direction. His affair was highly limerent and he felt like he was meant to leave me and be with her.



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