Q&A (Preview) Should We Consider Separating?


We’re a both and it’s been 6 months since EMS. I'm tired physically, emotionally, and mentally. I'm a sex addict and I started a 12 step group and just about to finish principle 3. I feel stuck in my self-centeredness and I identify late when it affects others around me. I feel as if I cause my wife also to be stuck when I make stupid decisions and don't see how they impact everyone else. I don't mean to. Should we separate and allow some more individual healing to happen or reset my brain? I want to be there for her and our kids but I also feel that she's not sharing her feelings with me. I want her to heal and don't want to cause her anymore pain. We have 4 kids and one is a special needs child. I do not want neglect any of my responsibilities as a father and a husband. I don't want to leave my family. I feel as if change is happening but slowly. What do you recommend?



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