Q&A We Were Both Unfaithful. What do You Suggest?

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The wedding rings are off. Should I be concerned my spouse has removed her wedding rings and does not seem to want to put anything into the relationship? We are just trying to coexist. We have sex and talk but it seems there is a part of her that she is not willing to share. We are a both and I want to be with her but I don't think the feeling is mutual. Our recovery work is focusing on us as individuals. Our therapist does not want us to talk about our affair. They feel like we are not at a point where we can truly talk about it. I feel as if we are lost and need some more direction. I love her but she struggles with a lot of anger and bitterness. I know that I caused this mess and I want to do what is necessary to heal for the both of us. What do you suggest?

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