Q&A What Can I Do to Handle the Shock?

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How do we know when someone is a sex addict? I found out my husband cheated on me during his lunch break. He went to lunch with this woman he had been texting from work, had two margaritas that are equivalent to 6-7 beers in thirty minutes, and then ended up in a hotel room. I found out in September of 2014 and am still shocked by this. A week later, my husband reveals voluntarily that in December of 2012, he almost went through with sleeping with a prostitute. The only thing that held him back was he saw an unmarked car and thought it was a police car in the parking lot. He also revealed voluntarily that he watches porn and masturbates because it helps him "reset." We have a lot of stress in our marriage (four court cases for our blended family in four years of marriage). Another factor is he was in jail for five years, where he says his porn watching started. All of this was a complete shock to me. We went to EMS WEEKEND in July of 2015, and I have gone through harboring hope twice. We finally have some money to start seeing an excellent counselor who is seeing us for a discount. Thank God for her. I am still in shock and it is a year and five months later. What can I do to get out of shock? And is my husband a sex addict?



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