Six Types of Affairs

Category 1 The Low Rent Rendezvous
Category 2 Lonely Hearts Club
Category 3 Looking For Love In All the Wrong Places
Category 4 Having Your Cake and Eating It Too
Category 5 You're Not My Lover, You're My Best Friend
Category 6 Someday my Prince (or Princess) Will Come

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A Note from Rick Reynolds, Founder, Affair Recovery:

As we begin to explore the types of affairs, I know that there is a great deal of pain and confusion for both parties in the marriage. Please know that I am not writing with the intent of causing more pain! Instead, I hope that these categories will help bring understanding to what has happened and serve as one small point in the process of healing.

Affairs are not all alike, and therefore the approach to healing will differ according to each of these six categories. I would encourage you to read the descriptions of each affair type and then determine which one best characterizes your experience.

The following categories are simple descriptions, and they are not intended to explain the motivations of the betrayal, the consequences, or the path of recovery. They are also not intended to serve as a judgment on the betrayer or the betrayed. Instead, they are intended to offer hope to both parties as you begin your journey of recovery. Hopefully, you will discover that your situation is not unique and that there is a path you can follow.

Admittedly, there is a process upon which you have to be willing to embark, but those of us who have made the journey will assure you that it is well worth it. You may be asking, "Why would I want to consider going back to a miserable marriage?" Let me assure you, this path is not just about "making it" I would never wish that on anyone. If your marriage is lousy or even just mediocre, why would you want to go back? If that were the case, then I don't believe we would be doing you any favors. That is not what this is about; rather, we believe that this crisis point in your marriage can actually be used as the starting point for each of you to grow both individually and as a couple. Let this process serve as a point of hope for the two of you. You are not alone in this process! Please take advantage of the support, encouragement and direction we have to offer.





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