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Q&A Is My Spouse Being Truthful with Me? Aug 23, 2019
Q&A Why Is It Always on Me to Set Boundaries? Aug 23, 2019
Q&A What Resources Do You Recommend upon Finishing the Aftercare Program? Aug 23, 2019
Q&A Do We Tell Our Son about the Affair? Aug 23, 2019
Q&A How Do I Handle the Betrayal by My Mate’s College Aged Daughter? Aug 23, 2019
Q&A Is My Spouse Showing a Lack of Trustworthiness? Aug 23, 2019
Q&A How Do You Heal When the Wayward Spouse Cannot Recall the Details That You Need? Aug 23, 2019
Q&A How Much Time Do I Need to Give My Mate to Heal? Aug 23, 2019
Q&A Has My Spouse Replaced One Addiction for Another? Aug 23, 2019
Q&A At What Point Do I Give Up? Aug 23, 2019
Q&A Why Am I Still Hurting? Aug 23, 2019
Q&A Should I Tell My Husband That I Know More Details about His Affair Than I've Led on To? Aug 23, 2019
Q&A How Does Sexual Imprinting in a Women during Her Teenage Years Impact Her Desire to Be Intimate in a Marriage Compared to with an Affair Partner? Aug 23, 2019
Q&A I Feel Stuck in the Shame of What I've Done. How Can You Help? Aug 14, 2019
Q&A Is It Wrong for Me to Accept My Husband's Comfort? Aug 14, 2019
Q&A Is It Healthy for the Betrayed to Know Intimate Details about the Affair Partner? Aug 14, 2019
Q&A How Can We Overcome the Pain of Anniversary Dates? Aug 14, 2019
Q&A How Can We Safely Break off the Affair with a Colleague? Aug 14, 2019
Q&A How Do I Deal with a Charismatic, Controlling, Narcissistic Man? Aug 14, 2019
Q&A What Steps Do You Recommend in Preparation for EMS Weekend? Aug 14, 2019
Q&A When Is the Right Time to Talk about Trust? Aug 14, 2019
Q&A What Do You Recommend for Changing My Thought Pattern around Intrusive Thoughts? Aug 14, 2019
Q&A How Can We Create Safety in Professional Environments? Aug 14, 2019
Q&A What Do I Do about My Husband's Yellow Light Behaviors? Aug 14, 2019
Q&A Why Can't We Talk about the Affair Partner with out the Wayward Spouse Shutting Down? Aug 14, 2019