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Video Q&A What's the Difference between Limerence during an Affair and Infatuation during Dating? 11/15/2017
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Video Q&A How Do We Break the Barrier between Us When the Unfaithful Says He Isn't Sure He Wants to Be Married? 11/15/2017
Video Q&A How Long Should I Wait before Filing for Divorce? 11/15/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Show Empathy for My Spouse? 11/15/2017
Video Q&A Is It Time to Give Up? 11/15/2017
Video Q&A What Resources Would You Suggest for My Situation? 11/15/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Overcome the Consequences of My Actions? 11/10/2017
Video Q&A How Can Two Seriously Broken People Move Forward? 11/10/2017
Video Q&A If I Continue to Have Sex with My Spouse, Am I Letting Him Use Me? 11/10/2017
Video Q&A How Long Is Normal for Him to Grieve the Affair Partner? 11/10/2017
Video Q&A How Can We Keep the Healing Momentum Going? 11/10/2017
Video Q&A How Does Cognitive Dissonance Play out in Affairs? 11/10/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Stop Getting a Sense of Security from My Anger? 11/10/2017
Video Q&A What Should the Expectations Be for Long Separations? 11/10/2017
Video Q&A If He Had the Affair, Why Do I Feel Like the 'Bad Guy'? 11/10/2017
Video Q&A Will Our Situation Change? 11/10/2017
Video Q&A How Should I Respond to My Betrayed Husband? 11/10/2017
Video Q&A Is This Normal, or Is My Spouse a Sex Addict? 11/10/2017