4773 Resources
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Text Baseline Advice After Discovering an Affair 2/15/2008
Audio Why I Stayed 2/10/2008
Audio Shame 1/27/2008
Audio Ask Rick #1 1/20/2008
Text Faith: My Extreme Makeover 1/15/2008
Audio Sexual Abuse 1/06/2008
Audio Anger Management 12/30/2007
Audio Reminders 12/23/2007
Audio Surviving the Holidays: An Interview with Dr. Karen Royer 12/16/2007
Text Intrusive Thoughts: How to Stop Them 12/15/2007
Text God's Love- We Are Chosen 12/14/2007
Audio What is Forgiveness? 12/09/2007
Audio Resuming Intimacy 11/18/2007
Text Divorce: Am I Being Naive? 11/15/2007
Text Images and Symbols 11/14/2007
Audio There and Back Again: A Mentor Story 11/11/2007
Audio A Recovery Story 11/04/2007
Audio Forgiveness 10/28/2007
Text The Importance of a Mentor 10/15/2007
Text Knowing About God Versus Knowing God 10/15/2007
Audio The Founder’s Story 10/07/2007
Audio What’s EMS Really Like? 9/30/2007
Audio When the Pain Never ends, Overcoming the Trauma of an Affair 9/16/2007
Text Knowing God and Knowing About God 9/15/2007
Audio The Road to Recovery, Series 2, part 3 9/09/2007
Audio Honesty 8/26/2007
Audio The Road to Recovery, Series 2, part 2 8/18/2007
Text Recovery- Will New Circumstances Make It Better? 8/15/2007
Text Contemplative Prayer 8/14/2007
Audio The Road to Recovery, Series 2, part 1 8/12/2007
Audio Female Sexual Addiction 8/05/2007
Audio Is Viewing Pornography an Affair? 7/22/2007
Audio How to Have an Affair 7/15/2007
Text Hurt and Anger 7/15/2007
Audio Parents’ Affairs 7/08/2007
Text Fear of Being a Disappointment 6/15/2007
Audio Sex Ask the Experts 6/11/2007
Audio Marriage 6/03/2007
Audio Finding Hope 5/13/2007
Audio An Addict’s Story 4/29/2007
Audio Helping the Unfaithful Spouse Respond 4/22/2007
Text The Myth of the Greener Grass: Where Are You Investing? 4/15/2007
Audio Biblical Sexuality and Marriage 3/25/2007
Audio Been There, Done That: An Interview with Two Hurt Spouses 3/18/2007
Text Narcissism: Self Image vs. Self Love 3/15/2007
Text Changing Your Past & Hope 3/15/2007
Audio Road to Recovery, Part 3: Path of the Hurt Spouse 3/11/2007
Audio Road to Recovery, Part 2 3/04/2007
Audio Road to Recovery, Part 1 2/25/2007
Audio Types of Affairs Radio Episode 2/18/2007