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Video When They Won't Decide: Understanding Why a Spouse Won't Commit Either Way 10/12/2017
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Video Q&A How Do I Show Her We Can Recover from This? 10/10/2017
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Video You Are Responsible for Your Own Healing 10/10/2017
Video Q&A Why Won't My Mate Fully Commit to Me? 10/9/2017
Video Q&A Was the Affair a Result of Childhood Abuse? 10/9/2017
Video Q&A Why Is My Unfaithful Mate So Selfish? 10/9/2017
Video Q&A Should I Ask about the Physical Parts of the Affair? 10/9/2017
Video Q&A When Will My Mate Feel Safe Again? 10/9/2017
Video Q&A Does Childhood Abuse Predispose People to Infidelity? 10/9/2017
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Video Q&A How Do I Get My Mate to Begin Their Own Healing? 10/9/2017