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Video Q&A If There Is a Future for Our Marriage, Would You See the Journey to Be Any Different than Normal? 5/19/2023
Video Q&A How Do I Create a Coherent Story If the Details from My Mate Are Always Changing? 5/19/2023
Video Q&A How Do I Let Go of What Happened and Fully Re-Engage with My Mate? 5/19/2023
Text Affair Recovery Steps: How to Live Without Fear After Infidelity 5/17/2023
Text What Is the Cost of Forgiving Infidelity? 5/10/2023
Text When to Save a Marriage After Infidelity 5/03/2023
Video Q&A How Do I Handle a New Betrayal Immediately after EMS Weekend? 5/02/2023
Video Q&A I’m Losing Compassion for My Mate. What Can I Do? 5/02/2023
Video Q&A Is It My Fault That They Did What They Did? 5/02/2023
Video Q&A How Do I Get past the Shame and Hurt? 5/02/2023
Video Q&A What Do I Do When My Spouse Is Making Me Choose between Her and My Faith? 5/02/2023
Video Q&A How Does One Find a Reputable and Affordable Polygraph Test Provider? 5/02/2023
Video Q&A Is My Mate’s Inability to Experience Emotions Due to Deep Trauma or Something More Problematic? 5/02/2023
Text Your Brain on Porn and Understanding the Sex Addict 4/26/2023
Video Q&A How Do You Recommend I Write My Closure Letter to the Affair Partner? 4/20/2023
Video Q&A Is It Necessary for Him to Be Proactive or Should I Be Happy He’s Doing What I Ask of Him? 4/12/2023
Video Q&A What If the Only Way I Can Heal Is without Horizontal Forgiveness? 4/12/2023
Video Q&A How Do We Handle Workplace Triggers in Recovery? 4/12/2023
Video Q&A Do You Think My Spouse Is Being Honest about Why They Stayed in the Affair for So Long? 4/12/2023
Video Q&A What Is the Best Way for Us to Utilize EMS Online since We Have Both Been Unfaithful? 4/12/2023
Video Q&A What Type of Affair Is This? 4/12/2023
Video Q&A How Do I Cope with My Own Issues of Needing to Feel Understood by My Husband as the Wayward Spouse? 4/12/2023
Video Q&A How Can Someone Who Has Become Such an Accomplished Liar Prove to the Betrayed Spouse That They Can Be Trusted? 4/12/2023
Video Q&A How Do You Discern If a Person Is Truly Remorseful and Changing When They Relapse into Blaming the Betrayed? 4/12/2023
Text Why People Cheat: Were They Predisposed to Cheat (Part 2) 4/12/2023
Text Why People Cheat: The Fog of Self-Deception (Part 1) 4/05/2023
Text Discovery: Part 4 - Goals for the Betrayed 3/29/2023
Text Discovery: Part 3 - Guidelines for Discovery 3/22/2023
Video Q&A Is It Possible for the Individual to Find Healing and Purpose Even If the Marriage Doesn’t Survive? 3/17/2023
Video Q&A How Do We Handle a Paternity Test for a Child Born Years Ago? 3/17/2023
Video Q&A Does My Husband’s Sexual Performance Indicate a Serious Issue? 3/17/2023
Video Q&A Is My Lack of Emotion Normal or Am I Experiencing Something Much Worse? 3/17/2023
Video Q&A How Do I Handle My Spouse’s Siblings? 3/17/2023
Video Q&A Do We Have a Chance at Recovery If He Is Unable to Understand How Trauma Can Impact Me? 3/17/2023
Video Q&A Why Does He Tell Me I Am the Only Girl and Will Be Faithful When He Continues to See Other Women? 3/17/2023
Video Q&A Does My Mate Have a Sexual Addiction? 3/17/2023
Video Q&A How Do I Approach This Polygraph without Feeling like My Marriage Is on the Line? 3/17/2023
Text Discovery: Part 2 - Advice For The Wayward Spouse 3/15/2023
Text Discovery: Part 1 - How to Handle Discovery 3/08/2023
Video Q&A How Do Social Engagement and Our Nervous Systems Work Together? 3/02/2023
Video Q&A How Can I Convince My Mate That I’m Not Talking to the Affair Partner? 3/02/2023
Video Q&A What Action Do You Recommend If My Mates Behavior Doesn’t Change? 3/02/2023
Text Healing from Infidelity: Going it alone 3/01/2023
Video Tony & Debbie Mentor Video 2/20/2023
Video Q&A Do You Think There Is an Appropriate Methodology of Trying to Recall Some of This Using Hypnosis? 2/17/2023
Video Q&A How Do We Handle Pregnancy So Close to Discovery? 2/17/2023
Video Q&A How Can I Help My Spouse Acknowledge That Being in an Affair for So Long Has Affected the Way They See Themselves, Me, and Our Relationship Sexually? 2/17/2023
Video Q&A How Long Typically Does It Take for a Betrayed Spouse to Forgive Their Unfaithful Spouse If the Unfaithful Spouse Is Doing the Work to Reconcile? 2/17/2023
Video Q&A Can You Further Explain How to Determine and Address What Could Have Led to My Husband’s Affair? 2/17/2023
Text How Could You? Part V - The Secrecy Factor 2/15/2023