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Video Q&A Should I Let Him Go? 8/17/2021
Video Q&A How Could He Go from Begging Me to Stay to This? 8/17/2021
Video Q&A Is It Possible That the Shame Is Creating a Barrier to Empathy? 8/17/2021
Video Q&A Why Does This Hurt Me? 8/17/2021
Video Q&A My Husband Is Still Pursuing His Affair Partner after 13 Months and Is Refusing Any Work. Is There Hope? 8/17/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Handle This Conflict between What He’s Saying and What He’s Doing? 8/17/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Deal With This When I Cannot Reasonably Ask Her to Quit Working nor Can I Check In Frequently to Make Sure It's Not Happening Again? 8/17/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Handle Other Counselor’s ‘Okaying’ My Husband’s Continuation of His Rock-Concert Gigs? 8/17/2021
Video Q&A Should I Tell the Affair Partner’s Wife about the Affair? 8/17/2021
Video Q&A Will I Ever Know If My Spouse Is No Longer Emotionally Attached to His Affair Partner? 8/17/2021
Video Q&A How Do Handle My Wife Having a Same-Sex Affair? 8/02/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Behave around My Family When My Sister Is the Affair Partner? 8/02/2021
Video Q&A Does My Husband’s Behavior Qualify as Sexual Addiction? 8/02/2021
Video Q&A How Do My Spouse and I Get On the Same Level When It Comes to Appropriate Communication to His Affair Partner about Their Daughter? 8/02/2021
Video Q&A Do You Recommend Joining Harboring Hope or Hope For Healing after Completing EMS Online? 7/22/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Feel Good about Myself Again after What Has Happened? 7/22/2021
Video Q&A How Can We Want a Better Marriage in the Future When I Didn't Think It Was Bad in the First Place? 7/22/2021
Video Q&A Can You Explain Personal Responsibility in Regards to Infidelity? 7/22/2021
Video Q&A Can You Help Me Put a Little Light On Where I Am Stuck? 7/22/2021
Video Q&A How Can I Now Be the Bad Guy? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A Do You Advise Me to Have a Session with My Psychologist, Family, And Friends to Discuss the Things He Has Said About Me? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A Should I Share the Date I Have Set For Making a Decision with My Husband? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A Is Keeping Him from Moving Home Making Things Worse? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Handle My Healing and My Husband? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A Why Did My Husband Have Such a Seemingly Lame Affair? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A Is Location-Sharing and Access to Phones Recommended? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Deal With His Advice without Feeling He Is Criticizing Me? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A How Can I Stop the Feeling That I Constantly Need to Check on My Wayward Spouse for Safety? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A How Best Do I Ask for This Information So That He Understands the Level of Transparency I Need to Feel Safe? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Deal With the Physical Distance between Me and My Husband during Recovery? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A My Husband Wants to Know Why I Haven't Heard from a Betrayed Woman Who Is Still Married to Her Wayward Spouse? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A Do I Sell My House with My Unfaithful Spouse in It? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A Do I Let Go of My Attachment to Her Now or Wait until Our Courses Are Complete? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A Can You Recommend a Daily Prayer for Me? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A Do You Have Any Insights into My Wayward Spouse's Line of Thinking? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A Will My Husband Love Me Again, the Way He Used To? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A Any Resources on Becoming More Faith Based? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A What Are These Somatic Sensations in My Extremities? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A Where Do I Go from Here When My Spouse Is Mostly Defensive and Blame Shifting? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A When My Mate Floods, Why Do I Get Distressed In Turn? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Reconcile with the Affair Partner Who Is My Sister? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A Is It Okay to Ask to the the 40 Cost Assignment from EMS Weekend Again? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A Do Men Always Want to Have Sex with Other Women? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A I'm Confused about the Cycle of Grace and Performance Management. Can You Please Explain? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Deal With My Spouse Not Going All-In on Recovery? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A What Are the Effective Ways of Grieving and How Do I Know Which One Is Best For Me? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A Are We Trying to Recover Too Fast? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A Is It Normal to Feel Calm After Disclosing the Truth? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A How Can I Pretend Normal Around Family When Even Thoughts of Them Are Triggering and Intrusive? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A How Can I Move Forward While Convinced That He Is Still Lying to Me? 6/17/2021