775 Resources : For The Hurt Spouse
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Text Relapse: Why Can't You Stop? 10/7/2020
Video Q&A What Do I Do When I Don't Believe Something That He Consistently Says Is True? 10/5/2020
Video Q&A Is It Wrong to Avoid Contact with In-Laws since My Wayward Husband Villainized Me to Them? 9/24/2020
Video Q&A How Do I Move Forward and Continue with Recovery? 9/24/2020
Video Q&A Will I Ever See My Husband as ‘Mine’ Again? 9/3/2020
Video Q&A How Do I Deal with This New Information That I Apparently Am Incompatible with Her Now? 8/27/2020
Video Q&A Am I Overreacting or Is My Husband Not Taking Responsibility? 8/27/2020
Video Q&A If Our Marriage Was So Wonderful, Why Did He Have an Affair? 8/27/2020
Video Q&A How Can I Believe My Spouse Has Broken off the Affair? 8/27/2020
Video Q&A My Husband Became a Bitter Person, What Should I Do? 8/27/2020
Text Why is Trusting Again So Hard? 8/19/2020
Video Q&A Why Do I Have to Work for Truth When I Was Not the One That Was Unfaithful? 8/18/2020
Video Q&A Am I Wrong to Ask for Details? 8/18/2020
Video Q&A Why I Am the One That Needs Reassurance and Not My Wayward Spouse? 8/18/2020
Video Q&A How Do I Reengage and Begin Moving Forward Again? 8/18/2020
Text Hope Rising 2020 Announcement 8/11/2020
Video Q&A Is My Husband Minimizing His Highly Sexual Affair? 8/7/2020
Video Q&A What Can I Do about My Husband's Recovery? 8/7/2020
Video Q&A Is He Still Intentionally Lying to Me and Not Telling Me Everything? 8/7/2020
Video Q&A How Can We Move Forward When We Have Both Been Unfaithful? 7/30/2020