921 Resources : Recovery Fundamentals
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Video Trying to Change Them Only Changes You: Healing from Infidelity 1/23/2020
Video As a Betrayed or Unfaithful Spouse, You Must Heal Yourself 1/21/2020
Video Q&A What Is the Best Next Step for Us in Light of This Disclosure? 1/16/2020
Video Q&A When Do I Know That It’s Time for Me to Leave? 1/16/2020
Video How Do You Find Happiness Again after Infidelity or Addiction? 1/16/2020
Video Re-Evaluating Your Belief Systems after the Crisis of Infidelity 1/14/2020
Text To Dream Again 1/10/2020
Video Q&A How Do We Set Boundaries with Family Members? 1/9/2020
Video Help for Those Who Are Trying to Get Their Unfaithful Spouse to Wake up and 'Get It' 1/9/2020
Video Q&A Am I Expecting Too Much from My Wayward Spouse? 1/3/2020
Video Q&A I Don't Want to Create a New Marriage, I Want My Old Marriage Back. How Do I Move Forward? 1/3/2020
Video I'm Afraid to Let Myself Be Happy... after Infidelity 1/2/2020
Video A Crucial Mistake Unfaithful Spouses Make in Recovery, Without Knowing It 12/26/2019
Text Love Yourself as You Would Love Others 12/20/2019
Video Q&A How Can I Get My Wayward Spouse to Understand That This Is a Big Deal? 12/19/2019
Video Q&A How Do I Explain That Some Space Could Be a Good Thing? 12/19/2019
Video Tools to Fight Back against Hopeless and Despair after Infidelity 12/19/2019
Video Life Before, During, & After Infidelity: An Interview with a Betrayed Male Spouse 12/17/2019
Video Q&A Could You Please Explain Dissociation and How It Can Cause and Affect People in Affairs? 12/16/2019
Video Q&A My Husband Is Having a Hard Time Recommitting. What Can I Do? 12/16/2019