1058 Resources : Recovery Fundamentals
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Text Coping with Infidelity: The 2 Stages of Pain 1/13/2021
Video Q&A Can You Clarify the Statement, ‘Don't Rebuild Your Old Marriage. You Must Build Something New’? 1/7/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Handle In-Laws? 1/7/2021
Video Q&A Is the Roller Coaster of Emotions Normal? 12/17/2020
Video Q&A Is It Common to Have Occasional Difficulties with Physical Intimacy, Impotence, or Performance Issues after an Affair? 12/17/2020
Video Q&A How Do We Deal with past Trauma? 12/17/2020
Text Untransformed Pain will be Transmitted 12/16/2020
Video Q&A Should We Express What We Need From Each Other? 12/9/2020
Video Q&A What Can the Wayward Spouse Do to Help the Betrayed Find Acceptance and Healing? 12/9/2020
Text The Betrayed's Reaction: An Excerpt from Harboring Hope 12/8/2020
Text The Anorexic Marriage: A Void of Intimacy 12/2/2020
Text Sharing Perspectives: How Can My Spouse Feel What I Feel? 11/25/2020
Video Q&A How Does the Wayward Spouse Deal with the In-Then-Out Behavior of Their Spouse? 11/24/2020
Video Q&A How Do I Proceed with Recovery Work When the Betrayed Doesn't Want to Get Help? 11/24/2020
Text Searching for Truth: Snooping Won’t Help 11/11/2020
Video Q&A How Do We Deal with Defensiveness? 10/29/2020
Text Your Brain on Porn and Understanding the Sex Addict 10/28/2020
Video Q&A How Do I Help My Wife Move past the Offense of My Betrayal and into Healing? 10/22/2020
Video Q&A What Does Moving Forward a Year Later Look Like? 10/22/2020
Text The Mystery of Change 10/21/2020