931 Resources : Recovery Fundamentals
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Text Why Couples Fail After an Affair: Part 4 - Not Grieving the Loss 3/18/2020
Video Q&A When My Husband Turns My Anger around on Me Is That Gaslighting? 3/12/2020
Text Why Couples Fail After an Affair: Part 3 - Hiding in Denial 3/11/2020
Video Q&A What Things Are Considered a Life Squeeze in the Cycle of Failure Exercise? 3/10/2020
Video Surviving Infidelity: When Couples in Crisis Need a Translator 3/5/2020
Video Surviving Infidelity: Are You Choosing Your Spouse or Just Needing Them? 3/3/2020
Text Car Washes in the Dark 2/28/2020
Video Affair Recovery: Understanding the Need to Detox from an Affair Partner 2/27/2020
Text Why Couples Fail After an Affair: Part 1 - Not Knowing What Happened 2/26/2020
Video Surviving Infidelity: When Your Partner Refuses to Address Their Blind Spots 2/25/2020
Video Q&A Why Is My Mate Giving Minimal Effort to Recovery? 2/20/2020
Video Help for the Unfaithful: What Does It Mean to 'Own It?' 2/20/2020
Text Lessons Learned 2/19/2020
Video Viewer Question: Should I, the Betrayed, Be over It by Now? 2/18/2020
Video How Does the Unfaithful Spouse Have a Healthy Relationship with Themselves? 2/13/2020
Video Q&A What Do We Do After EMS Online? 2/11/2020