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Video Mickey and Stephanie's Mentor Video 7/6/2018
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Video Looking for Safety: Harboring Hope 6/12/2018
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Text Surviving Infidelity: When Hope Crumbles - Part 2 5/22/2018
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Text Emotional Affairs: Part 3 - Will It Ever End? 4/4/2018
Text Emotional Affairs: Part 2 - Is an Emotional Affair More Destructive Than a Physical Affair? 3/28/2018
Text Emotional Affairs: Part 1 - Which is Worse? Emotional Affair or Physical Affair 3/22/2018
Text The Fight to Forgive 3/14/2018
Text Hope for Healing Excerpt: "Is My Life Out of Control"? 3/6/2018
Text Communication Killers: How to Remedy Stonewalling 2/28/2018
Text How to Not Make Things Worse: Stonewalling 2/21/2018
Video Practical Tools for Betrayed Spouses 2/14/2018
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Text Practical Suggestions for Forgiveness 1/31/2018
Text Forgiving Infidelity: What Forgiveness Is NOT 1/18/2018
Text Dealing with Reminders 1/10/2018
Text How Could You? Part VI - Dehumanization and Blame 1/3/2018
Text How Could You? Part V - The Secrecy Factor 12/13/2017
Text How Could You? Part IV - Doublespeak and Distorted Comparisons 12/5/2017
Text How Could You? Part III - Moral Justification 11/29/2017
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