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Video Q&A Can You Please Explain How the Pain of Sex and Love Addiction can be Transmitted to Children? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Ever Compare to the Addiction Sex? 9/22/2016
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Video Q&A How Can I Trust that My Sex Addicted Mate is Keeping His Mind Clear? 8/03/2016
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Video Q&A How Can I Move Out of My Shame? 7/13/2016
Video Q&A What Software do You Suggest to Filter Against Porn? 7/13/2016
Video Q&A Am I To Believe He No Longer Struggles? 7/12/2016
Video Q&A What Are Your Thoughts on SAA's Guidance on Abstinence? 7/12/2016
Video Q&A Is There Peace in Saving it When There is Nothing Sacred? 7/01/2016
Video Q&A Can Addicts Rid Themselves of Being Self Centered? 7/01/2016
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Video Q&A Infidelity or Betrayal? 6/21/2016
Video Q&A Can Love Exist Again After Repeated Affairs? 6/06/2016
Video Q&A How do I Convince My Mate That I'm Telling the Truth? 6/06/2016
Video Q&A How do We Address My Husband's Use of Pornography? 6/06/2016
Video Q&A Why Should the Betrayed Stay? 5/26/2016
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Video Q&A Thought Stopping vs. Head in the Sand. Help! 5/10/2016
Audio Q&A Should Sex Addicts Refrain from Sex to Start Recovery? 4/28/2016
Audio Q&A (HH) How Important is it to Know if it's Sex Addiction? 4/28/2016
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Video Q&A Am I a Sex Addict? 3/08/2016
Audio Q&A Can there be Reformation and Healing from a Sex Addiction? 2/26/2016
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Video Q&A What Kind of Affair Was it? Does it Matter? 1/26/2016
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Audio Understanding Female Sexual Addiction: An Interview with a Survivor 12/09/2015
Video Q&A How Can I Get a Mentor in a Rural Area? 12/08/2015