492 Resources : Handling Discovery
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Video Q&A What Do I Do When I Don't Believe Something That He Consistently Says Is True? 10/5/2020
Video Q&A How Do We Get to the Truth? 10/5/2020
Video Q&A Is My Spouse Telling the Truth? 8/18/2020
Video Q&A Am I Wrong to Ask for Details? 8/18/2020
Video Q&A Is This Normal or Is There Something Wrong with Me? 7/30/2020
Text Hope For Healing Excerpt: How Does The Unfaithful Make Amends? 7/29/2020
Text Denial and Recovery 7/1/2020
Video Q&A How Do We Reach Full Disclosure If My Wife Doesn’t Remember the Details? 6/25/2020
Video Surviving Infidelity Part 2: What Didn’t Work For Unfaithful Spouses 6/24/2020
Text Surviving Infidelity Part 1: What Do You Need to Know? 6/17/2020
Video Q&A How Do I Help Someone That Won't Come Clean? 6/10/2020
Video Infidelity or Addiction Requires an Entirely New Playbook: Hope for Those in Crisis Due to Infidelity 5/28/2020
Video When the Betrayed Finds out What the Unfaithful Has Already Known: The Disclosure Process 5/26/2020
Video A Pivotal Mistake Couples Make after Disclosure of an Affair: When to Get Help? 5/14/2020
Video Q&A What Are Your Thoughts about Our Disclosure Process? 5/7/2020
Video Q&A How Do We Heal without Full Disclosure? 5/7/2020
Video Q&A What If You Feel the Wayward Spouse Is Not Telling the Whole Truth during the Telling of Their Story? 5/7/2020
Video Make Four Months of Progress in Three Days 5/1/2020
Video Infidelity and Discovery: Does It Matter If the Unfaithful Spouse Came Clean on Their Own or Was Caught? 4/28/2020
Text Revenge: Responding to an Affair 4/15/2020