145 Resources : Relapse Prevention
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Video Q&A If Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater, How do I Feel Safe? 9/28/2016
Video Q&A Is Recovery from an Affair Possible if My Mate Can't be Empathetic? 9/28/2016
Video Q&A What Signs do I Look for to Know that My Unfaithful Spouse is in Recovery? 9/28/2016
Video Q&A How do I Feel Safe When My Mate Wants Someone Else? 9/28/2016
Video Q&A Is There Any Benefit of My Husband Writing Another Termination Letter to His Affair Partner? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A After His Affairs, He Isn't Broken. Can We Heal? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A What Should I do to Help Her from Going Back to the Affair Partner? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A Am I Overreacting About Occasional Pornography Use? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A Do We Have a Higher Risk for Relapse? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A Why Can't My Mate Stay Away from the Affair Partner? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A How do We Handle This Challenge Regarding Safety? 9/22/2016
Video Stop Saying, "I'll Never do this Again" 9/15/2016
Text Untransformed Pain will be Transmitted 9/14/2016
Video Q&A What Can I Do About My Thoughts Toward Others? 8/9/2016
Video Q&A What Are Reasonable Expectations for My Unfaithful Spouse? 8/3/2016
Video Q&A Is it Too Risky to Work With a Former Limerant Affair Partner? 8/3/2016
Video Q&A How Do I Respond to My Mate Not Making Me Feel Safe After an Affair? 7/26/2016
Video Q&A If the Affair Partner Attempts to Maintain a Relationship With my Mate, Should I Inform Their Spouse? 7/26/2016
Video Q&A How Did the Conversations Transition? 7/26/2016
Video Q&A Can Our Sex Life Trigger Relapse for My Sex Addicted Partner? 7/26/2016