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Text Are You Forgivable? Part 1: Self Assessment 10/30/2019
Text Trauma from Infidelity: An Interview with a Specialist 10/23/2019
Text Social Shame Survey Results: What We Learned from Ashley Madison 10/16/2019
Video Expert Q&A Preview: How Do I Let Go of My Regrets? 9/18/2019
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Text How to Find Answers 8/14/2019
Text Trauma and Infidelity 8/07/2019
Text What is Healing? 7/03/2019
Text Expectations of Empathy: A Betrayed Spouse’s Journey 6/26/2019
Text Becoming a Group Leader: 6/05/2019
Text The Power of Small Groups 4/10/2019
Audio Rekindling Desire After An Affair 4/04/2019
Text The Problem with Forgiveness 3/06/2019
Text How Does the Betrayed Spouse Grieve Properly? 2/27/2019
Text Why People Cheat? Part 3: Justifications of the Unfaithful 2/20/2019
Video Rodney and Angela Mentor Video 2/14/2019
Text Why Do People Cheat? Part 1: The Fog of Self Deception 2/06/2019
Text Bedside Forgiveness: When Death Coincides With Infidelity 1/30/2019
Text A Betrayed Spouse Chimes In - How I Recovered After My Husband's Infidelity 1/16/2019
Video Hope Rising 2018: Apology from the Unfaithful 10/31/2018
Text Ending an Affair: Letting Go and Moving On 9/12/2018
Text Ending An Affair: Throw Away the Key 9/05/2018
Text Ending an Affair: Lock the Door Part 2 8/29/2018
Text Ending an Affair: Lock the Door Part 1 8/23/2018
Text Ending an Affair: Close the Door 8/15/2018
Text Ending an Affair - Step One: Make the Decision 8/08/2018
Text Is it Love or Infatuation? 7/25/2018
Video Mickey and Stephanie's Mentor Video 7/06/2018
Text Monotonous Monogamy and the Emotional Affair 6/27/2018
Text The Infidelity Divorce Syndrome: Divorce Recovery After Infidelity 6/21/2018
Video Looking for Safety: Harboring Hope 6/12/2018
Text Surviving Infidelity: When Hope Crumbles - Part 2 5/22/2018
Text Surviving Infidelity: When Hope Crumbles 5/16/2018
Video Expert Q&A Preview: Did My Mate Mean It When He Said 'I Love You' to His Affair Partner? 4/11/2018
Text Communication Killers: How to Remedy Stonewalling 2/28/2018
Text How to Not Make Things Worse: Stonewalling 2/21/2018
Video Practical Tools for Betrayed Spouses 2/14/2018
Text Forgiving Infidelity: What Forgiveness Is NOT 1/18/2018
Text Understanding Grief in Infidelity 10/24/2017
Text Do You Struggle with Forgiveness? 10/17/2017
Video Expert Q&A Preview: Will Mate Ever Understand What They Have Done? 10/05/2017
Text Relapse Prevention & How to Recover from an Affair 9/20/2017
Text What Really Happens at EMS Weekend? 9/14/2017
Text Meet Rodney and Angela: A Journey Through EMS Online 8/30/2017
Video Q&A Can You Suggest Some Exercises to Help with Honesty after Betrayal? 8/11/2017
Video Everyone Thought I was Crazy for Staying: Amanda and Kenneth’s Story 7/19/2017
Video Expert Q&A Preview: What Is Hysterical Bonding and What Does It Mean for a Relationship in Recovery? 6/28/2017
Video What if my Spouse Doesn’t Remember All the Details? Q&A Video Excerpt from Recovery Library 5/24/2017
Video Expert Q&A Preview: How Can I Give My Wife Hope after Betraying Her So Deeply? 5/03/2017
Video Expert Q&A Preview: How Can My Husband Overcome His Ambivalence? 3/29/2017