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Affair Recovery Q & A: Answers from an Expert 11/17/2015
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Find Strength for Your Journey With the Survivors' Blog 10/12/2015
, Is a Marriage Retreat Worth It? Interview with a Pioneer in the Field 9/30/2015
, Is a Marriage Retreat Worth It? Interview with a Pioneer in the Field 9/30/2015
The Ashley Madison Hack - Surviving Discovery 7/29/2015
Social Shame Survey 7/15/2015
Q&A Where is the Line Between Honesty and Pretend Normal? 6/02/2015
Q&A Is it Normal to still be Hurting? 5/29/2015
Q&A How do I get him to be more interested in recovery?” 5/29/2015
Q&A What kind of age-appropriate conversations should I be having with my kids about the truth of what their dad has done? 5/29/2015
Q&A How do we find the Truth between Two Different Perspectives of the Affair?” 5/29/2015
Q&A Do They Have Lingering Feelings for the Affair Partner? 4/28/2015
Understanding the Mind of the Unfaithful: Minimizing the Affair 4/21/2015
Q&A Does my Spouse Need Therapy or Divorce? 3/20/2015
Therapist Mistakes When Dealing with Infidelity 3/03/2015
Q&A What is Each Spouse's Role in Handling Triggers? 2/24/2015
Surviving Infidelity: Poor Recovery Decisions of Unfaithful Spouses - Part 2 10/23/2014
Pimping Tenderness & Grooming Behaviors 10/08/2014
Using the Time Well: Try the First Steps Bootcamp 9/17/2014
I Only Have Eyes for You 8/19/2014
The Seduction of Blame 5/21/2014
Official Rules of Drawings 10/30/2013
Rekindling Desire After Infidelity 6/26/2013
How to Survive Infidelity 5/29/2013
Interview of EMS Online Participants 7/01/2012
6 Steps To Confronting Your Mate About Betrayal 4/03/2012
Why Did My Spouse Cheat? A Crucial Question In Healing After An Affair 3/29/2012
Telling Your Children After the Affair Doesn’t Always Turn Out As Expected 7/27/2011
How Many Marriages does Ashley Madison Save? 3/03/2011
Q&A How Do Men Compartmentalize? 8/23/2010
Recovery Timeline 3/26/2010
Disclosing the Affair: Do I Tell or Not? 2/24/2010
The Shocking Truth About Trust 1/26/2010
Grace in Recovery 3/09/2008
Anger Management 12/30/2007
Surviving the Holidays: An Interview with Dr. Karen Royer 12/16/2007