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Video Q&A Can You Help Me Understand What I'm Dealing With? 10/17/2018
Video Q&A Do You Have Statistics on Relapse? 10/10/2018
Video Q&A How Do I Forgive What My Mate Has Done? 10/10/2018
Video Q&A Should I Be Open to Reconciliation? 10/10/2018
Video Q&A Why Is Unprotected Sex within an Affair so Alluring? 10/10/2018
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Video Q&A Can I Ever Expect My Mate's Attraction Towards the Affair Partner to End? 10/10/2018
Video Q&A Am I Paranoid? 10/10/2018
Video Q&A Is This a Normal Part of Recovery? 10/10/2018
Video Q&A Can We Survive as a Couple? 10/10/2018