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Video Q&A How do I Stop Comparing Myself to the Affair Partner? 9/28/2016
Video Q&A How Do I Stay in a Cycle of Grace Vs. Performance? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A Can You Please Explain How the Pain of Sex and Love Addiction can be Transmitted to Children? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A What if I Need to go Through All the Material I Collected from My Mate's Infidelity? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A Is There Any Benefit of My Husband Writing Another Termination Letter to His Affair Partner? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A What Should I Do After These Continued Affairs? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A My Husband Insists We Move Forward Without Discussing the Affair. Is it Possible? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A After His Affairs, He Isn't Broken. Can We Heal? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A What Should I do to Help Her from Going Back to the Affair Partner? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A How do I Deal With Anger and Lack of Trust After the Affair Has Ended? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A Should We Wait to Discuss the Affair and Work on Ourselves First? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A Am I Overreacting About Occasional Pornography Use? 9/22/2016