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Video Q&A What Factors Are Important When Deciding If the Wayward Spouse Needs to Leave a Job to Distance from the Affair Partner? 9/3/2020
Video Q&A How Can These Memories Be Recovered? 9/3/2020
Video Q&A Should the Wayward Spouse Contact the Affair Partner When an STD Has Been Diagnosed? 9/3/2020
Video Q&A My Wife Is Considering a Revenge Affair. What Should I Do? 9/3/2020
Video Q&A Is It Normal for the Betrayed Spouse to Comfort the Wayward Spouse? 8/27/2020
Video Q&A How Do I Deal with This New Information That I Apparently Am Incompatible with Her Now? 8/27/2020
Video Q&A Am I Overreacting or Is My Husband Not Taking Responsibility? 8/27/2020
Video Q&A If Our Marriage Was So Wonderful, Why Did He Have an Affair? 8/27/2020
Video Q&A Should We Tell Our Friends? 8/27/2020
Video Q&A How Can I Believe My Spouse Has Broken off the Affair? 8/27/2020
Video Q&A Is There Therapy for an Attachment Disorder and If So What Is It? 8/27/2020