302 Resources : Trauma of Infidelity
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Video Q&A How Do I Deal with Flooding When I Feel My Own Emotions Are Overwhelming? 5/28/2020
Video Q&A Are Intrusive Suicidal Thoughts Common? 5/28/2020
Video Q&A Can past Depression or PTSD Affect the Ability to Show Empathy? 5/19/2020
Video Q&A Is Ringing in the Ears Normal? 5/7/2020
Video Q&A What Is the Process for Dealing with Raw Spots? 4/30/2020
Video Q&A What Can I Do to Help My Husband from Continuously Shutting Down? 4/30/2020
Video Q&A Will I Ever Feel Special Again? 4/28/2020
Video Infidelity and Discovery: Does It Matter If the Unfaithful Spouse Came Clean on Their Own or Was Caught? 4/28/2020
Video One of the Main Reasons Betrayed Spouses Can Feel Angry, Isolated, and Hopeless during Counseling 4/23/2020
Video Ambivalence Isn't Always the End of the Marriage: Help for Those in Crisis Due to Infidelity 4/21/2020
Video A Strategy on How to Diffuse from Reminders, Triggers, and Emotional Flooding after Infidelity 3/31/2020
Video Surviving Infidelity: Four Ways to Help a Betrayed Spouse See the Unfaithful Spouse Differently 3/26/2020
Video How to Heal from Infidelity: What If It Was Just an Emotional Affair? 3/24/2020
Video Three Tips for Surviving Betrayal Trauma: The Aftermath of Infidelity and the Corona-virus 3/19/2020
Video Understanding Infidelity: How Long Will the Betrayed Spouse Be so Angry? 3/17/2020
Video Samuel at Affair Recovery Discusses Isolation and the Unfaithful Spouse 3/12/2020
Video Q&A How Do I Know When to Avoid Reminders and When to Push through Them? 2/20/2020
Video Q&A How Do I Move Forward in Forgiving Myself? 2/20/2020
Video Viewer Question: Should I, the Betrayed, Be over It by Now? 2/18/2020
Video Q&A How Do I Stop Comparing Myself to the Affair Partner? 2/11/2020