280 Resources : Trauma of Infidelity
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Video Why We Run from the Consequences of Infidelity and Addiction 12/5/2019
Video Q&A Can You Help My Understand Why the Empathy Exercises Have Been so Difficult for My Mate? 11/14/2019
Video Q&A What Can I Do to Help EMDR Be More Effective for Me? 11/14/2019
Video Q&A How Do I Move Past the Shock of This? 11/14/2019
Video The Unfaithful Spouse and Isolation 11/12/2019
Video How Can the Unfaithful Give Themselves Permission to Live Again? 11/5/2019
Video Death, Burial and Resurrection... An Interview with Tullian Tchividjian 10/31/2019
Text Trauma from Infidelity: An Interview with a Specialist 10/23/2019
Video Q&A Is My Social Anxiety Normal at This Stage of Recovery? 10/16/2019
Video Help for the Unfaithful: Identifying Your Self Destruct Button 10/8/2019
Video One of the Main Reasons We're so Alone and Alienated as Unfaithful Spouses 10/3/2019
Video Q&A What Do You Recommend for Diminishing or Ceasing Anxiety Attacks? 10/2/2019
Video Q&A What Advice Do You Have for Changing How I View Myself Physically? 10/2/2019
Video Q&A What Advice Do You Have for Healing from Suicide after Disclosure? 9/26/2019
Video Help for the Despair That Infidelity Creates in Both Spouses 9/26/2019
Video Q&A How Do I Let Go of My Doubts and Hyper-Vigilance? 9/18/2019
Video Q&A How Do I Heal from My Mates Suicide during Recovery? 9/18/2019
Video Q&A Why Would the Wayward Spouse Compare Their Pain with My Pain? 9/18/2019
Video His Addiction... Her Infidelity... And How They Made It to the Other Side 9/17/2019
Video What Do You Do When the Unfaithful Spouse Refuses to Get Help? 9/12/2019