236 Resources : Trauma of Infidelity
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Video Q&A Is This Relationship worth Keeping? 4/17/2019
Video Q&A Is It Time to Walk Away? 4/17/2019
Video Q&A How Do You Address Your Wounds While at the Same Time Feeling Remorse for Your Mate? 4/17/2019
Video When You Think You Should Be Further along in Your Recovery from Infidelity 4/16/2019
Video How Do You Deal with Humiliation and Infidelity? 4/11/2019
Video Q&A How Do I Get My Husband to Tell the Truth? 4/10/2019
Video Q&A How Do I Help My Mate See That Their Choices Are Preventing Their Goals for Intimacy? 4/10/2019
Video Q&A How Do I Overcome the Reoccurring Reminders? 4/10/2019
Video Infidelity's Paradox: Is It Better to Stay and Try to Heal or Walk Away? 4/9/2019
Video What Do You Do When You Feel Like You're Losing Yourself as You Try to Heal from Infidelity? 4/4/2019
Video Q&A Will I Ever Feel Okay in My Own Skin Again? 4/3/2019
Video What Should the Unfaithful Spouse Do When the Betrayed Spouse Won't Get Help? 4/2/2019
Video Q&A How Can I Visit Certain Places without Being Triggered? 3/27/2019
Video When One Spouse Is Happy the Infidelity Is out in the Open and the Other Isn't: Separate Timelines 3/26/2019
Video Q&A How Do I Know If I Can Trust My Own Judgement? 3/20/2019
Video Q&A What Do You Do If Your Partner Is a Trigger? 3/20/2019
Video Q&A How Do I Help My Spouse? 3/6/2019
Video Gaslighting and Infidelity: An Interview with a Specialist Part Two 3/4/2019
Video Q&A How Can My Mate Help Me Overcome the Loss? 3/4/2019
Video Q&A How Does a Betrayed Spouse Get past the Hurtful Words Said by the Wayward Spouse? 3/4/2019