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After a betrayal, your mind goes in 90 million directions all at once and you may not even know where to begin. Use the categories in the Recovery Library to discover what areas of recovery resonate with your struggle and find the specific guidance you need.
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Video Q&A How Can I Stop the Feeling That I Constantly Need to Check on My Wayward Spouse for Safety? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A How Best Do I Ask for This Information So That He Understands the Level of Transparency I Need to Feel Safe? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Deal With the Physical Distance between Me and My Husband during Recovery? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A My Husband Wants to Know Why I Haven't Heard from a Betrayed Woman Who Is Still Married to Her Wayward Spouse? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A Do I Sell My House with My Unfaithful Spouse in It? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A Do I Let Go of My Attachment to Her Now or Wait until Our Courses Are Complete? 7/13/2021
Video Q&A Can You Recommend a Daily Prayer for Me? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A Do You Have Any Insights into My Wayward Spouse's Line of Thinking? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A Will My Husband Love Me Again, the Way He Used To? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A Any Resources on Becoming More Faith Based? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A What Are These Somatic Sensations in My Extremities? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A Where Do I Go from Here When My Spouse Is Mostly Defensive and Blame Shifting? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A When My Mate Floods, Why Do I Get Distressed In Turn? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Reconcile with the Affair Partner Who Is My Sister? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A Is It Okay to Ask to the the 40 Cost Assignment from EMS Weekend Again? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A Do Men Always Want to Have Sex with Other Women? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A I'm Confused about the Cycle of Grace and Performance Management. Can You Please Explain? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Deal With My Spouse Not Going All-In on Recovery? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A What Are the Effective Ways of Grieving and How Do I Know Which One Is Best For Me? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A Are We Trying to Recover Too Fast? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A Is It Normal to Feel Calm After Disclosing the Truth? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A How Can I Pretend Normal Around Family When Even Thoughts of Them Are Triggering and Intrusive? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A How Can I Move Forward While Convinced That He Is Still Lying to Me? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A How Can I Help Him Heal and Yet Remain Open and Honest with Him about the Facts and Not What His Feelings about the Facts Are? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A What Is the Likelihood of a Betrayed Spouse Achieving Self-Actualization If They Stay with Their Unfaithful Spouse? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A How Do We Continue to Try and Get along without Ever Speaking about the Affair or Any Problems? 6/17/2021
Video Q&A Should I Keep Pushing Him to Talk and Give Me Answers? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A Can I Hope for a Better Future? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A What Are the Best Boundaries to Make When My Husband and I Are Having a Discussion about My Healing and He Starts to Get Really Angry? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Navigate This Situation? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A Do You Think I Should Send the Letter That I Wrote to My Husband's Affair Partner? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A Could This Method of Coping and the Escalation Not Indicate a Sexual Addiction Even Though the Person Only Used Porn Casually? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A When Is the Right Time for Confrontation and How Do I Tell Him I Know about the Affair? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A Is It Unreasonable Of Me to Ask Him to Get Tested Now? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A Am I Hurting Us More by Not Letting Him Live at Home? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A What Resources Can I Give My Family for Supporting Me through This Time and Setting Healthy Boundaries? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A What Is the Best Response for My Husband? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Help Him Understand That I Need to Know about All His Emotional Affairs? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A Did My Husband Have an Affair Because He Felt Unloved and Unappreciated In Our Marriage? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A Is Fantasy Sex a Betrayal? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A Should I Be Considering Any Restrictions on Her Access to Our Children If She Continues to Act Out? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Get Over the Fact That My Wife Gave Her Affair Partner More Intense and Passionate Sex Than She Has Ever Given Me? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A Is There Anything I Can Be Doing to Leave an Opening for a Different Path? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A What Is the Divorce Rate beyond 5 Years after Recovery? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Create a Safe Boundary for Myself While Showing Him Grace and Not Reject His Desire to Open up to Me and Reconnect? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Find the Strength to Stay When It Means I Will Have to Be a Father to the Child of Her Betrayal? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A How Do I as the Betrayed Quit Hitting the Wrong Side of His Ambivalence? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A Are There Any Tips on How to Handle Someone Who Is Not Displaying Remorse, Is Full Of Anger and Pain, And Deeply Depressed? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A When Faced with Such a Painful Outcome as This, What Is a Spouse Able to Do Aside from Self-Care and Healing? 6/16/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Get past the Feeling That Our Marriage Is a Lie? 6/16/2021