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Video Q&A How can I Stop my Victim Thinking and Take Ownership for my Issues? 1/24/2017
Video Q&A How can a Betrayed Spouse Show Compassion for an Unempathetic Unfaithful Spouse? 1/24/2017
Video Q&A How do I Know if He is Serious About Reconciliation? 1/24/2017
Video Q&A How do we Respond to bad Dreams that Cause Triggers and Flooding? 1/24/2017
Video Q&A How do we Start an Accountability Group? 1/11/2017
Video Q&A How do I Function Normally in the World when I'm Actually a Sex Addict? 1/11/2017
Video Q&A Is it my Fear or my Gut Causing me to Not Believe Him? 1/11/2017
Video Q&A How can the Betrayed Cope with the Continual Lying? 1/11/2017
Video Q&A How Can I Keep Getting Back Up? 1/11/2017
Video Q&A Am I Wrong to Use History to Confront Current Behaviors? 1/11/2017
Video Q&A Why is his Anger Growing and How Can I Help? 12/20/2016
Video Q&A When do I Say I'm Moving On? 12/20/2016
Video Q&A I want Recovery to Work, but Things Aren't Changing. Will it Get Better? 12/16/2016
Video Q&A Are these Requests Appropriate for me to Ask for? 12/16/2016
Video Q&A What are the Options Available Without Full Disclosure? 12/16/2016
Video Q&A How do I Handle my Wife's Lack of Empathy? 12/16/2016
Video Q&A How can my Wife and I Handle my Lingering Feelings for my Affair Partner? 12/16/2016
Video Q&A He Contacted the Affair Partner and Lied About it. What do I do? 12/07/2016
Video Q&A How Can We Heal from Her Affair Under these Circumstances? 12/07/2016
Video Q&A Can we Fully Recover from Her Affair Without Moving Our Family? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A How do you Enforce Boundaries Short of Separation or Divorce? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A What are the Signs to Watch for to Know a Liar has Stopped Lying? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A Should 12 Step Work be a Requirement for a Sex Addict Wanting to Salvage the Marriage? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A What Are Reasonable Expectations for Me Being Married to a Sex Addict? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A Is it OK for Me to Say No Even Though it May Make Things Worse? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A Have you Seen a Marriage Recover from this Kind of Affair? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A What Can You make of All This? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A How do I Deal With 'His and Hers' Affairs? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A Why Can't He, and Will He Ever, Understand My Pain? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A What Concerns Should I Have at this Point in Our Recovery from His Affair? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A What is Protocol for a Couple in this Post Affair Scenario? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A Should I Inform My Children of their Mother's Affair? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A Can I Heal the Relationship With My Best Friend After Her Cheating With My Husband? 11/23/2016
Video Q&A How do We Combat the Marathoning? 11/23/2016
Video Q&A Where is the Line that Makes a Relationship an Affair? 11/23/2016
Video Q&A How do We Deal With Chronic Pain, Medication Addiction, and Affair Recovery? 11/23/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Work Through Resentment and Commit Back to My Mate? 11/23/2016
Video Q&A Can a Sex Addict Simply Choose to Not Act Out? 11/23/2016
Video Q&A Can You Please Explain Marathoning? 11/23/2016
Video Q&A What Are Some Practical Steps or Books to Help With Fantasy Life? 11/23/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Face the Triggers I Receive from His Workplace Reality? 11/23/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Safely Break off Contact Between Our Kids and the Affair Partner? 11/23/2016
Video Q&A Since the Affair Story Still Hurts Him, Should We Let Sleeping Dogs Lie? 11/23/2016
Video Q&A What Rules Should We Follow During Our No Contact Separation? 11/02/2016
Video Q&A Should I Confront My Mate With the Evidence of His Relapse? 11/02/2016
Video Q&A Should I Demand My Mate Take a Polygraph? 11/02/2016
Video Q&A In this Situation, Should I Inform the Affair Partner's Spouse of Risky Behavior? 11/02/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Share My Anxiety and Concerns With Him? 10/24/2016
Video Q&A Is it Normal to Relive the Days During the Affair to Rewrite History? 10/24/2016
Video Q&A Did I Forgive Too Soon? 10/24/2016