For The Hurt Spouse
There are many aspects in the recovery of the betrayed spouse that will look very different from the unfaithful spouse. These articles are written specifically for healing and to provide hope and encouragement for the hurt spouse.
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Audio Q&A I Discovered my Husband's Affair After He Passed Away. How do I Heal? 11/20/2014
Video Q&A Is There Danger in Asking my Unfaithful Spouse About His Affair Partner? 11/14/2014
Video Q&A Is There a Step by Step Guide on How to Forgive a Betrayal Such as Mine? 11/14/2014
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Video Q&A My Husband is Having Urges 11/05/2014
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Audio Q&A My Unfaithful Spouse Wants me to Forgive and Forget 11/04/2014
Audio Q&A Intrusive Thoughts Preventing Rest 11/04/2014
Audio Q&A Addiction and Limerance 11/04/2014
Audio Q&A Emotional Affair and Limerance 11/04/2014
Audio Q&A Hurt Spouse Contacting the Affair Partner 11/04/2014
Audio Q&A Intrusive Thoughts and Triggers 11/04/2014
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Text I Only Have Eyes for You 8/19/2014
Text The Seduction of Blame 5/21/2014
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