For The Hurt Spouse
There are many aspects in the recovery of the betrayed spouse that will look very different from the unfaithful spouse. These articles are written specifically for healing and to provide hope and encouragement for the hurt spouse.
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Video Q&A Will the Repulsion go Away? 12/15/2014
Video Q&A Can I Recover Without Details? 12/15/2014
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Audio Q&A Am I Over the Top for Feeling this Way? 12/11/2014
Audio Q&A How Can I Calm the Hauntings? 12/11/2014
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Audio Q&A Is it Common for Unfaithful to Confess Affair but Continue Lying? 12/11/2014
Audio Q&A If my Husband Affaired down, did his Affair Partner? 12/11/2014
Audio Q&A Limerance and Male Compartmentalization 12/11/2014
Audio Q&A My Husband Refuses to get Help and Give me Disclosure 12/11/2014
Audio Q&A What Can I do to Create Empathy Between me and my Spouse? 12/11/2014
Audio Q&A Why is the Unfaithful Blessed While the Betrayed Loses it All? 12/11/2014
Audio Q&A How can I get my Spouse to let me Heal? 12/10/2014
Audio Q&A Timelines for Intense Pain and Forgiveness, How Long Does it Take? 12/10/2014
Audio Q&A Do I Run or Reconcile? 12/10/2014
Audio Q&A Trouble Agreeing on Who to Tell, now What? 12/10/2014
Audio Q&A How do I Accept This as my Life? 12/10/2014
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Audio Q&A My Husband Continuously "Forgets" 12/10/2014
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Video Q&A How Can I Get Past the Fear of the Future? 12/05/2014
Video Q&A What's the Difference Between a Boundary and an Ultimatum? 12/05/2014
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Audio Q&A My Husband's Affair Partner is Blackmailing Us. What do we do? 11/20/2014
Audio Q&A How do you Respond to Righteous Indignation? 11/20/2014
Audio Q&A I Discovered my Husband's Affair After He Passed Away. How do I Heal? 11/20/2014
Video Q&A Is There Danger in Asking my Unfaithful Spouse About His Affair Partner? 11/14/2014
Video Q&A Is There a Step by Step Guide on How to Forgive a Betrayal Such as Mine? 11/14/2014
Video Q&A What is the Best Way to Disclose my Wife's Affair to Our Kid's? 11/14/2014
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Audio Q&A Consumed With Finding Information 11/12/2014
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