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Video Q&A My Betrayed Husband Won't Believe Me. How Can We Reach Full Disclosure? 6/08/2018
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Video Q&A Could He Be Telling the Truth? 5/18/2018
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Video Q&A Do You Think My Mate Is Being Honest with Me? 4/25/2018
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Video Q&A What Should I Do If My Mate Is Struggling to Let Go of the Past? 4/11/2018
Video Q&A What Should I Focus On? 4/05/2018
Video Q&A How Do I Go on without Full Disclosure? 4/05/2018
Video Q&A How Do I Move Forward When Everything Seems Tainted? 4/05/2018
Video Q&A What Do You Recommend for the Habitual Liar? 4/05/2018
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Video Q&A Why Is He Still So Defensive? 3/05/2018
Video Q&A Will I Ever Be Able to See My Husband the Same Way? 3/05/2018
Video Q&A Why Can't I Believe My Mate? 3/05/2018
Video Q&A How Do I Trust That What He Feels for Me Is Real? 2/28/2018
Text How to Not Make Things Worse: Stonewalling 2/21/2018
Video Q&A How Do I Overcome the Deceit? 2/14/2018
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Video Q&A If I Decide to Stay, How Do I Trust Again? 11/01/2017
Video Q&A How Can You Create Safety When the Affair Partner Is a Co-Worker? 11/01/2017