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Video Q&A Since the Affair Story Still Hurts Him, Should We Let Sleeping Dogs Lie? 11/23/2016
Video Q&A How am I Supposed to be the Best Husband I Can be After She Cheated? 11/23/2016
Video Bad Advice for Hurt Spouses 11/16/2016
Video Q&A Should I Just Let Him Divorce Me after His Affairs? 11/02/2016
Video Q&Aqw How can the Unfaithful's Claimed Intentions be so Drastically Different from their Actions? 10/24/2016
Video Q&A What are Scientific Psychological Side Effects from this sort of Marital Betrayal? 10/24/2016
Video Q&A How do I Stop Being Ambivalent so I can Commit Back to the Marriage? 10/12/2016
Video Q&A Who Would Want to be Empathetic Toward Their Spouse if They Had an Affair? 10/12/2016
Video Q&A How can My Unfaithful Mate Help Me When I Flood Emotionally? 10/12/2016
Video Q&A Why do I Break Down When I'm Shown Empathy? 10/12/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Communicate With My Spouse After Her Affairs? 10/11/2016
Video Q&A Why Isn't She Remorseful After Her Affair? 10/11/2016
Video Q&A Is Recovery from an Affair Possible if My Mate Can't be Empathetic? 9/28/2016
Video Q&A I was Unfaithful. Why do I Feel Betrayed? 9/28/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Productively Let My Spouse Know Our Current Reality After His Affairs? 9/28/2016
Video Q&A I Feel Unloved, He Feels Unappreciated, How Can We Heal? 9/14/2016
Video Q&A Should I Quit My Job to Help My Mate Heal After My Affair? 9/14/2016
Video Q&A Will the Larger Problems be Addressed? 8/30/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Move Past My Fear? 8/24/2016
Video Q&A My Mate has Changed Drastically for the Better. Is This Real? 8/24/2016
Video Overcoming Trauma after Infidelity at EMS Weekend, Interviewing an Expert 8/24/2016
Video Q&A Where is the True Empathy? 8/09/2016
Video Q&A How Do I Get Him to Give me Full Disclosure? 8/09/2016
Video Q&A What Should I Do if My Mate Isn't Taking Responsibility? 8/09/2016
Video Q&A Should I Hear My Mate's Feelings for the Affair Partner 8/03/2016
Video Q&A Is My Ambivalent Spouse Thinking About Me While Separated? 8/03/2016
Video Q&A Does He Want Me or Are the Words Empty? 8/03/2016
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Video Q&A What Will Help My Unfaithful Spouse 'Get it'? 8/03/2016
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Video Q&A Would EMS Weekend Help Us? 7/19/2016
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Video Q&A Do Revenge Affairs Help the Unfaithful 'Get it'? 7/01/2016
Video Q&A Can Addicts Rid Themselves of Being Self Centered? 7/01/2016
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Video Q&A What is Realistic in Terms of Time Spent Talking About it? 7/01/2016
Video Q&A Advice for 'Getting it'? 6/21/2016
Video Q&A Can You Give Me Guidance With My Assignment? 6/14/2016