737 Resources : Safety in Recovery
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Video Q&A Should I Be Okay with My Mates Ex-Spouse Staying in Our Home When Family Comes to Visit? 10/17/2018
Text How to survive an affair – How much should I share with my spouse? 10/17/2018
Video Q&A Should I Be Open to Reconciliation? 10/10/2018
Video Are You Dealing with Therapist Induced Trauma after Infidelity? 10/9/2018
Video Q&A How Can We Make Discovery Safe? 9/26/2018
Video Q&A What Boundaries Can We Set around This Relationship? 9/26/2018
Video Q&A Why Is My Mate Reacting This Way? 9/26/2018
Video Q&A What Are Your Thoughts on Contacting the Affair Partner on Behalf of Your Spouse? 9/26/2018
Video Anger, the Betrayed Spouse, and Boundaries 9/20/2018
Text Dealing with Social Shame 9/14/2018
Video What Defensiveness Does to the Betrayed Spouse 9/13/2018
Video Q&A Is It Safe for Us to Reconcile? 9/12/2018
Video Q&A Why Won't My Mate Create a Safe Space for Me to Heal? 9/12/2018
Video Q&A Is It Dangerous to Examine Photos and Messages from the Affair Partner? 9/12/2018
Video Q&A Should We Separate If My Mate Refuses to Break Contact with the Affair Partner? 9/12/2018
Video Q&A Could This Lack of Safety Be Reason to End Our Relationship? 9/12/2018
Video Q&A What Should I Do about Physical Abuse? 9/12/2018
Video Q&A How Can We Move Forward in Healing with the Fear That I May Remember More Information about My Affair? 9/12/2018