246 Resources : The Role of Empathy
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Video Q&A Is There a Difference between Just Getting over What Happened and Forgiveness? 5/21/2019
Video Q&A How Do I Shift the Focus off My Mistakes and onto Healing? 5/21/2019
Video One of the Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in Trying to Heal from Infidelity 5/16/2019
Video Why the Betrayed Spouse Wants the Unfaithful Spouse to Take Initiative in Recovery Work 5/14/2019
Text Why the Unfaithful Fear the Betrayed 5/10/2019
Video Understanding the Process Healing from Infidelity Requires 5/2/2019
Video Q&A How Do I Convince My Wife I Love Her and Only Her? 4/30/2019
Video Q&A What Happens If I'm Not Seeing Remorse? 4/30/2019
Video Q&A How Can I Show Empathy without Getting Defensive? 4/30/2019
Video Q&A Why Isn't My Wayward Spouse Pursuing Me? 4/30/2019
Video What Is the Relationship between Remorse and Infidelity? 4/23/2019
Video Q&A How Do You Address Your Wounds While at the Same Time Feeling Remorse for Your Mate? 4/17/2019
Video What Should the Unfaithful Spouse Do When the Betrayed Spouse Won't Get Help? 4/2/2019
Video Are You or Your Spouse 'In-Process' or Not? Helping Spouses Heal from Infidelity 3/28/2019
Text How Do I Show My Betrayed Spouse That I Really Care? 3/8/2019
Video Q&A How Do I Help My Spouse? 3/6/2019
Video Q&A How Can My Mate Help Me Overcome the Loss? 3/4/2019
Video Q&A How Does a Betrayed Spouse Get past the Hurtful Words Said by the Wayward Spouse? 3/4/2019