269 Resources : The Role of Empathy
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Video Q&A How Can I Feel Safe When There Is No Empathy? 7/16/2020
Video Loving Your Spouse through the Pain of Infidelity or Addiction 6/18/2020
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Video Q&A Where Is the Empathy for Me? 4/30/2020
Video What If Your Betrayed Spouse Is Testing You? Tips on Surviving Infidelity after Disclosure 4/30/2020
Text Intrusive Thoughts After the Affair: How to Manage Flooding 4/22/2020
Video Q&A Are There Questions That Would Make the Empathy Exercise More Productive and Healing? 4/16/2020
Text Making Amends vs. Apologizing 3/13/2020
Video Is the Unfaithful Spouse Just Sorry They Got Caught? Help for Those in Crisis Due to Infidelity 3/10/2020
Text Why Couples Fail After an Affair: Part 2 - Not Getting It 3/4/2020
Video Q&A What Is Hindering My Mate from Showing Empathy? 1/31/2020
Video Help: My Betrayed Spouse Refuses to Get Help 1/28/2020
Video Help for Those Who Are Trying to Get Their Unfaithful Spouse to Wake up and 'Get It' 1/9/2020
Video Life Before, During, & After Infidelity: An Interview with a Betrayed Male Spouse 12/17/2019
Video How I Found My Way Back: An Interview with an Unfaithful Female Spouse 12/12/2019