200 Resources : Breaking Off The Affair
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Video Q&A How Do I Let Go of My Feelings for the Affair Partner? 4/3/2019
Video When One Spouse Is Happy the Infidelity Is out in the Open and the Other Isn't: Separate Timelines 3/26/2019
Video Q&A How Can Healing Progress if the Affair Partner Is Still Present in My Mate’s Head? 3/20/2019
Video Q&A Can I Get over an Affair Partner I Work With? 1/30/2019
Video Q&A How Do We Handle Closure with the Affair Partner? 1/30/2019
Video Q&A Why Does the Affair Partner Continue to Attempt Contact? 1/9/2019
Video Q&A Should I Tell My Mate That Their Affair Partner Tried to Contact Them? 11/28/2018
Video Q&A How Can I Convince My Mate Not to Contact Her Affair Partner for Closure? 11/21/2018
Video Q&A Why Can't I Stop Thinking about the Affair Partner? 11/21/2018
Video Q&A How Do I Process My Feelings for the Affair Partner? 11/7/2018
Video Q&A Will Feelings for the Affair Partner Ever Fade? 11/7/2018
Video Q&A Should We Continue with EMSO If My Mate Won't Break Contact With the Affair Partner? 10/23/2018
Video Q&A Can You Help Me Understand What I'm Dealing With? 10/17/2018
Video Q&A Can I Ever Expect My Mate's Attraction Towards the Affair Partner to End? 10/10/2018
Video Q&A Is It Safe for Us to Reconcile? 9/12/2018
Video Q&A How Do We Get Closure? 9/12/2018
Video Q&A Is It Dangerous to Examine Photos and Messages from the Affair Partner? 9/12/2018
Video Q&A Should We Separate If My Mate Refuses to Break Contact with the Affair Partner? 9/12/2018
Text Ending an Affair: Letting Go and Moving On 9/12/2018
Text Ending An Affair: Throw Away the Key 9/5/2018