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Video Q&A How do I move forward without full disclosure? 4/05/2017
Video Q&A How do I move forward without full disclosure? 4/05/2017
Video Q&A How can I regain trust after this setback? 4/05/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Bring up a Situation I'm Uncomfortable With? 3/29/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Handle Him Working Long Distance with My Lack of Trust? 3/22/2017
Video Q&A How Can She Help Me Rebuild My Trust in Her? 3/22/2017
Video Q&A Will the Nature of Our Disclosure Complicate Our Healing? 3/22/2017
Video Q&A Can You Expand Your Thoughts on Financial Infidelity? 3/22/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Request a Polygraph from My Mate? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A Am I Sabotaging Our Relationship Because I'm Not Getting What I Want? 2/15/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Move Forward Feeling That I Don't Have the Truth? 2/15/2017
Video Q&A Do You Think I'll Ever Feel Safe given These Circumstances? 2/15/2017
Video Q&A Can I Speak to the Affair Partner in this Situation? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A Are his Recovery Steps Sufficient or is Something Missing? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A How can we Achieve Transparency Without me Policing my Husband? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A How do I Move Past the Fact that I May Not Have Full Disclosure? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A Is it my Fear or my Gut Causing me to Not Believe Him? 1/11/2017
Video Q&A How can the Betrayed Cope with the Continual Lying? 1/11/2017
Video Q&A Am I Wrong to Use History to Confront Current Behaviors? 1/11/2017
Video Q&A If I Don't Believe I Have the Truth about the Affair, is there any Hope? 1/11/2017
Video Q&A How do we Overcome these Barriers to Intimacy? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A What are the Signs to Watch for to Know a Liar has Stopped Lying? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A Should I Confront My Mate With the Evidence of His Relapse? 11/02/2016
Video Q&A Should I Demand My Mate Take a Polygraph? 11/02/2016
Video Q&A Can There be no Feelings After an 8 Year Affair? 10/18/2016
Video Q&A Is My Husband Lying or is the Polygraph Inaccurate? 10/18/2016
Video Q&A How do I Stop Being Ambivalent so I can Commit Back to the Marriage? 10/12/2016
Video Q&A How do I Forgive a Lifetime of Infidelity? 10/12/2016
Video Q&A Can We Heal from Infidelity if My Mate Isn't Empathetic, Won't Talk About it, and Blows Up When I Bring it Up? 10/11/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Communicate With My Spouse After Her Affairs? 10/11/2016
Video Q&A Why Isn't She Remorseful After Her Affair? 10/11/2016
Video Q&A After His Affair, Will I Ever Trust Him Again? 10/11/2016
Video Q&A If He's Been so Good at Lying, How Can I Trust His Story of the Affair? 10/11/2016
Video Q&A If Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater, How do I Feel Safe? 9/28/2016
Video Q&A What Signs do I Look for to Know that My Unfaithful Spouse is in Recovery? 9/28/2016
Video Q&A Is This a Reasonable Stand for Me to Take with My Unfaithful Spouse? 9/28/2016
Video Q&A After His Affairs, He Isn't Broken. Can We Heal? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A Am I Overreacting About Occasional Pornography Use? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A How do We Handle This Challenge Regarding Safety? 9/22/2016
Video Q&A Can We Find a Way for Me to Feel Safe and My Mate Keep the Dream Job? 9/14/2016
Video Q&A Is God Not Opening the Right Door or is My Mate Not Walking Through? 9/14/2016
Video Q&A How Do I Answer the Questions I Don't Remember? 9/14/2016
Video Q&A Should I Quit My Job to Help My Mate Heal After My Affair? 9/14/2016
Video Q&A Why Does My Mate's Disclosure Not Make Sense? 8/24/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Convince My Mate to Be Tested for STD's? 8/24/2016
Video Q&A My Mate has Changed Drastically for the Better. Is This Real? 8/24/2016
Video Q&A Is it My Mate or the Affair Partner Lying? 8/24/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Settle These Questions in My Mind? 8/24/2016
Video Q&A Can Marriages Survive Mismatched Personalities and Sexual Differences? 8/03/2016
Video Q&A With this Level of Drip Feeding Truth, Will I Regain Feelings for My Spouse? 8/03/2016