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Text Are You Forgivable? Part 3: Stupid Apologies 11/13/2019
Text Are You Forgivable? Part 2: 7 Myths Undermining Forgiveness 11/06/2019
Text Are You Forgivable? Part 1: Self Assessment 10/30/2019
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Video Q&A Will We Ever Have a Healthy Marriage? 9/26/2019
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Video Q&A Should We Wait for the Limerence to Subside before Seeking More Restoration? 8/28/2019
Video Q&A What Resources Do You Recommend upon Finishing the Aftercare Program? 8/23/2019
Video Q&A What Would You Recommend to Continue Our Healing Journey? 8/20/2019
Video Q&A Do You Think Its Good to Focus on the Friendship Aspect of the Marriage during Recovery? 8/02/2019
Video Q&A How Do We Create a New Marriage If the Old Marriage Is Dead? 7/17/2019
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Video Q&A How Can I Get My Spouse to Understand What I Need? 7/10/2019
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Video Q&A Is It Better to Wait for Healing in the Marriage to Resume Intimacy? 6/11/2019
Video Q&A How Can We Overcome Our Setbacks? 5/21/2019
Video Q&A How Do I Shift the Focus off My Mistakes and onto Healing? 5/21/2019
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Audio Rekindling Desire After An Affair 4/04/2019
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Video Q&A How Do I Get My Mate to Fall in Love with Me Again? 1/22/2019