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Q&A Is My Social Anxiety Normal at This Stage of Recovery? 10/16/2019
Q&A What Do You Recommend for Diminishing or Ceasing Anxiety Attacks? 10/02/2019
Q&A What Advice Do You Have for Changing How I View Myself Physically? 10/02/2019
Anger: Its 6 Roots 10/02/2019
Q&A How Do I Get the Affair Partner out of My Head? 9/26/2019
Q&A How Do I Overcome This Overwhelming Trigger? 9/26/2019
Q&A How Do I Let Go of My Doubts and Hyper-Vigilance? 9/18/2019
Q&A Should I Cancel My Polygraph Due to My Anxiety Level? 9/18/2019
Q&A Am I Controlling My Spouse or Is This the Appropriate Way to Set Boundaries? 9/18/2019
Q&A What Can I Do to Keep These Triggers from Impacting Me so Much? 9/13/2019
Q&A How Do I Heal from the Intrusive Thoughts That Came as Result of Recording and Listening to My Mates Conversations with the Affair Partner? 9/13/2019
Q&A How Long Will It Take for My Husband to Retrain His Thinking? 9/13/2019
Q&A Is There Something Wrong with Me Because I Still Love in Spite of All This? 9/13/2019
Q&A How Do I Heal When I Am Always in Fight or Flight Mode? 9/04/2019
Q&A Why Do I Do about My Thoughts during Sex? 8/28/2019
Q&A How Do I Handle the Betrayal by My Mate’s College Aged Daughter? 8/23/2019
Q&A Why Am I Still Hurting? 8/23/2019
Q&A How Can We Create Safety When Talking about the Affair? 8/20/2019
Q&A Is It Normal to Feel Heartbroken on the D-Day Anniversary? 8/20/2019
Q&A What Do You Recommend for Changing My Thought Pattern around Intrusive Thoughts? 8/14/2019
Q&A How Do I Quit Thinking about My Husband's Affair? 8/06/2019
Q&A Why Can't I Get past My Triggers? 7/24/2019
Q&A Do You Have Suggestions for Understanding and Expressing My Emotions? 7/24/2019
Q&A How Do I Avoid Flooding during Hard Conversations? 7/10/2019
Q&A How Can I Share My Emotions without Triggering My Partners Shame? 7/03/2019
Q&A What Are Your Thoughts about My Behavior? 7/03/2019
Q&A How Do I Keep from Getting Resentful? 6/19/2019
Q&A Am I Being Overly Sensitive about My Mate's Views towards the Affair Partner? 6/19/2019
Q&A Why Do I Keep Having Nightmares about the Affair Partners? 6/11/2019
Q&A How Do I Manage Myself? 6/11/2019
Q&A How to I Process My Indecision in a Healthy Way? 6/11/2019
Q&A How Can I Overcome the Rage Resulting from the Affair? 6/11/2019
Q&A Is My Behavior a Reason for My Mate to Not Follow Boundaries? 6/05/2019
Q&A What Is the Difference between Constricting Your Emotions and Controlling Your Emotions? 5/15/2019
Q&A What Do I Do with My Confusion and Anger? 5/15/2019
Q&A What Should I Do to Treat My PTSD? 5/15/2019
Q&A Is It Typical to Still Be in So Much Anguish This Far down the Road? 5/08/2019
Q&A Am I Becoming Codependent and Is This a Bad Thing? 5/08/2019
Q&A How Do I Overcome My Dependence on My Mates Affirmation? 5/08/2019
Q&A Can Depression Adversely Effect the Recovery Process? 5/08/2019
Q&A What Are Healthy Ways for the Wayward to Grieve Losing the Affair Partner? 4/30/2019
Q&A How Do I Ensure That This Doesn't Change Me into a Miserable Person? 4/30/2019
Q&A How Can I Show Empathy without Getting Defensive? 4/30/2019
Q&A How Can I Recover from an Abusive Affair Partner? 4/30/2019
Q&A Why Am I Struggling with Compassion and Understanding? 4/10/2019
Q&A Am I Deceiving Myself? 4/10/2019
Q&A How Do I Overcome the Reoccurring Reminders? 4/10/2019
Q&A How Can I Visit Certain Places without Being Triggered? 3/27/2019
Q&A What Do You Do If Your Partner Is a Trigger? 3/20/2019