For The Hurt Spouse
There are many aspects in the recovery of the betrayed spouse that will look very different from the unfaithful spouse. These articles are written specifically for healing and to provide hope and encouragement for the hurt spouse.
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Video Q&A How Do I Continue Supporting Her While Taking Care of My Heart and Mental Health? 4/20/2022
Video Q&A Is It OK for the Wayward Spouse to Keep in Touch with Affair Partners from the past That Happened Years before Us? 4/20/2022
Video Q&A How Do I Move Forward Knowing That He Already Has The Mindset That This Could Happen Again? 4/08/2022
Video Q&A How Could He Go from One Affair to Another? 4/08/2022
Video Q&A How Do I Get Over This Betrayal? 4/06/2022
Video Q&A How Can I Ever Get Over His Believing He Loved The Affair Partner? 4/06/2022
Video Q&A As a Betrayed Husband Is It Unrealistic to Want My Wife to Pursue Me Physically? 4/06/2022
Video Q&A How Do I Get past the Uncontrollable Fear of This Happening Again or That It Is Still Happening? 4/06/2022
Video Q&A How Do We Continue in This Process When Only One of Us Is Committed? 4/06/2022
Video Q&A How Much Harder Will Our Recovery Be in This Situation? 3/25/2022
Video Q&A How Can I Put In the Effort Needed on My End for Intimacy without Getting the Same Failed Result? 3/25/2022
Text Understanding Codependency and Betrayal: An Excerpt from Harboring Hope 3/22/2022
Video What Is A Forgiveness Letter? 3/16/2022
Video Q&A How Can I Trust Him Again? 3/10/2022
Video Q&A If My Spouse Felt So Much Guilt and Shame the First Time, Why Did They Do It Again? 3/10/2022
Video Q&A How Was He Able to Do a 180 Turn on Discovery? 3/10/2022
Video Q&A How Do We Create a Shared View of Our Relationship When We Have No Valid Timelines to Reference? 3/10/2022
Video Q&A Why Was It Easy for Him to Be Nice to Everyone but Me, His Wife? 3/10/2022
Text Affair Partners: Eight Reasons Not to Confront Them 2/23/2022
Video Q&A Do You Agree It’s Necessary to Re-Establish No Contact? 2/17/2022
Video Q&A Why Don’t I Respect My Husband? 2/17/2022
Video Q&A How Should I Go About Trying to Get to Ground Zero? 2/17/2022
Video Q&A How Do I Get past the Affair Partner Continually Sending Me Photos and Descriptive Dialog? 2/17/2022
Video Q&A What Do I Do When My Partner Is in Denial about His Infidelity? 2/17/2022
Video Q&A Should a Wayward Spouse Be Allowed to Have Friends of the Opposite Gender? 2/17/2022
Video Q&A How do I Heal? 2/17/2022
Video Q&A Is He Just Not Interested in Me or Did He Magically Figure Out How to Treat a Woman? 2/17/2022
Video Understanding the Mind of the Unfaithful: Minimizing the Affair 2/16/2022
Video Q&A When an Intrusive Thought Occurs, How Do I Know the Difference between Suppressing and Ignoring That Thought versus Not Giving It Any Airtime, Capturing It, and Redirecting My Thinking to Something Else? 2/02/2022
Video Q&A Am I Being Closed Minded? 2/02/2022
Video Q&A How Should I Deal With Characteristics That I Do Not Possess, Yet Seem to Have Been Sought after by My Spouse in the Affair Partners? 2/02/2022
Video Q&A What Do I Do to Protect My, and My Children’s, Heart? 2/02/2022
Video Q&A How Can I Get To a More Balanced Psyche? 2/02/2022
Video Q&A Is It Wrong to Feel a Sense of a Sexual Revolution, after His Affair? 2/02/2022
Video Q&A What Do We Do When We Both Cheated, If My Betrayal Was ‘Worse’ than His? 1/18/2022
Video Q&A Am I Choosing Closeness over Intimacy When I Don’t Let My Mate Know About Intrusive Thoughts When We Are Lovemaking? 1/18/2022
Video Q&A How Can My Wife Believe That She Fulfilled Her Fantasy If She Also Says That’s Not Who She Truly Is? 1/18/2022
Video Q&A Is This Finally Enough to Divorce and End Recovery Work? 1/18/2022
Video Q&A What Type of Recovery Program Does My Husband Need? 1/18/2022
Video Q&A How Can I Get My Emotionally Unavailable Husband to Walk toward the Storm Instead of Away? 1/18/2022
Text Pimping Tenderness & Grooming Behaviors 1/12/2022
Video Q&A Are My Expectations Too High? 12/17/2021
Video Q&A What Do We Do When the Affair Partner Refuses to Cooperate about the Child? 12/17/2021
Video Q&A How Can We Set Boundaries If They Keep Being Disregarded and Violated? 12/17/2021
Video Q&A Should I Change Churches or Should I Just Get Over It since It Was All in His Fantasies? 12/17/2021
Video Q&A What Should I Do With the Saved Messages between My Husband and His Affair Partners? 12/17/2021
Video Q&A Why Is He Okay as Long as I Don’t Talk about It? How Can We Get past This If He’s Unwilling to Answer Questions? 12/17/2021
Video Q&A Should We Abstain from Sex at This Point in Our Recovery? 12/17/2021
Video Q&A At What Point Is It Unhealthy to Be Avoiding Events Because the Affair Partner May Go or Avoiding Places Because They Once Went There Together? 12/17/2021
Text Social Shame: Surviving Infidelity Isn’t Enough 12/08/2021