255 Resources : For the Unfaithful Spouse
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Video Understanding Why Marriage's Affected by Infidelity Are so Different: Hope for the Future 6/2/2020
Video Q&A What Can I Do to Help My Betrayed Spouse with Her Anger and Resentment? 5/28/2020
Video Q&A How Do I Let Go of the Intrusive Thoughts on My Actions? 5/28/2020
Video Q&A Is There Any Way to Convince My Mate That I'm Not Emotionally Connected to My Affair Partner? 5/28/2020
Video Infidelity or Addiction Requires an Entirely New Playbook: Hope for Those in Crisis Due to Infidelity 5/28/2020
Video When the Betrayed Finds out What the Unfaithful Has Already Known: The Disclosure Process 5/26/2020
Video Proper Affair Recovery Requires Addressing the Many Layers of Betrayal 5/21/2020
Video Interview with an Expert: How Childhood Messages Can Cause Infidelity or Addiction 5/19/2020
Video A Pivotal Mistake Couples Make after Disclosure of an Affair: When to Get Help? 5/14/2020
Text Are You Vulnerable to an Affair? Part III: Individual Vulnerability 5/13/2020
Video How to Avoid Disconnection after an Affair 5/12/2020
Video Minimizing Chaos & Hopelessness: Don't Make Your Own Affair Recovery Worse by Making This Mistake 5/7/2020
Text Are You Vulnerable to an Affair? Part II: Marital Vulnerability 5/6/2020
Video Q&A How Can I, as the Wayward Spouse, Help My Wife to Come to Accept Her Reality? 4/30/2020
Video What If Your Betrayed Spouse Is Testing You? Tips on Surviving Infidelity after Disclosure 4/30/2020
Text Are You Vulnerable to an Affair? 4/29/2020
Video Q&A I Am Trying to Be Safe for My Wife, but How Can I Feel Safe from Her? 4/28/2020
Text Intrusive Thoughts After the Affair: How to Manage Flooding 4/22/2020
Video Ambivalence Isn't Always the End of the Marriage: Help for Those in Crisis Due to Infidelity 4/21/2020
Video Q&A Can I Truly Be the Changed Person I Feel I Am Now? 4/16/2020