136 Resources : Sexual Healing
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Video How Do I Handle My Lack of Sexual Desire? 7/23/2018
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Video Q&A Was His Desire for This Type of Porn Changing His Brain? 5/23/2018
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Video Q&A How Long Does It Take for a Sex Addict to Come out of the Denial? 4/25/2018
Video Q&A Is It Possible for My Sex Addicted Husband to Stop Being Attracted to Other Women? 4/18/2018
Video Q&A How Can I Move past the Physical Part of the Infidelity? 3/28/2018
Video Q&A Will I Ever Be Able to Reconnect with My Mate Again? 3/28/2018
Video Q&A How Will I Ever Move past This and Desire a Connection Again? 3/23/2018
Video Q&A How Can My Unfaithful Husband Be Sexually Satisfied with Me after Being Intimate with a Young Pretty Girl? 3/23/2018
Video Q&A Is There Hope for Us to Ever Be Intimate Again? 3/12/2018
Video Q&A Is It Normal for Sexual Interactions to Change after Discovery? 3/12/2018
Video Q&A How Do We Overcome Our Sexual Barriers? 2/28/2018
Video Q&A Is Pre-Mature Ejaculation an Indication of Shame from an Ongoing Affair? 2/28/2018
Video Q&A Is Our Sex Drive Physical or Emotional? 2/14/2018