110 Resources : Sexual Healing
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Video Q&A Is Our Sex Drive Physical or Emotional? 2/14/2018
Video Q&A How Do I Talk to Our Teen Children about Sex since They Know about the Affair? 2/7/2018
Video Q&A How Do I Get to a Place Where I Can Sexually Re-Engage with My Mate? 2/7/2018
Video Q&A Is My Sex Drive Normal? 2/7/2018
Video Q&A How Can My Mate Heal from Sexual Anorexia? 12/20/2017
Video Q&A What's the Normal Length of Time People Refrain from Sex after Discovering Infidelity? 12/6/2017
Video Q&A When We're Being Sexual, How Can I Get the Affair Partner out of My Head? 11/28/2017
Video Q&A If I Continue to Have Sex with My Spouse, Am I Letting Him Use Me? 11/10/2017
Video Q&A Is It Normal for the Betrayed Spouse to Crave Intimacy If the Wayward Spouse Is Not Interested? 11/1/2017
Video Q&A Does Childhood Abuse Predispose People to Infidelity? 10/9/2017
Text Relapse Prevention & How to Recover from an Affair 9/20/2017
Video Q&A Could You Better Explain My Mates Participation in My Sexual Identity? 9/6/2017
Video Q&A Would You Please Expand on Your Experiences with Childhood Sexual Abuse and Sex Addiction? 9/6/2017
Video Q&A How Can I Overcome Intrusive Thoughts While Being Intimate with My Mate? 9/6/2017
Video Q&A Can He Be Safe for Me If He Continues to Use Porn? 7/26/2017
Video Q&A When Will My Husband Visualize Himself with Me Instead of Seeing Me with the AP 7/26/2017
Video Q&A What Is Hysterical Bonding and What Does It Mean for a Relationship in Recovery? 6/28/2017
Video Q&A What Does Consent to Sex Look Like in Marriage? 6/21/2017
Text Sex and Intimacy after an Affair 6/8/2017
Video Q&A What Happens When I Don't Want to Have Sex as Often as My Mate? 6/7/2017