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Expert Q&A Preview: How Do I Handle the Abrupt Emotional Changes? 2/15/2017
Q&A How do I Release and Let Go of the Shame? 2/08/2017
Q&A How can we Help Her Heal from Her Past Actions? 2/08/2017
Q&A What Would you Suggest for Us to Reconnect Emotionally? 2/08/2017
Q&A Should I Actively Fight my Apathy Towards my Husband or Will it Break Down Naturally? 2/08/2017
Q&A How do I Move Past Knowing that My Wife Shared our Marital Bed with Another Man and he Shared His with Her? 2/08/2017
Q&A How do I Let go of my Desire to See Him Suffer and Broken? 2/08/2017
Q&A What Should I Do as the Unfaithful When Triggers Arise? 2/02/2017
Q&A How can I Change my Negative Thoughts Before Launching into Anger? 2/02/2017
Q&A How can I Move Past the Humiliation and Shame of Being Betrayed? 1/24/2017
Q&A How do we Respond to bad Dreams that Cause Triggers and Flooding? 1/24/2017
Q&A When is the Best Time to Bring up Hurt Feelings? 12/20/2016
Q&A Is Forgiveness my Issue? 12/20/2016
Q&A Why is his Anger Growing and How Can I Help? 12/20/2016
Q&A How can I Get Over What Bill W. Founder of AA, did to His Wife? 11/30/2016
Q&A Is it OK for Me to Say No Even Though it May Make Things Worse? 11/30/2016
Q&A How do We Combat the Marathoning? 11/23/2016
Q&A How Can I Handle Being Triggered by the Affair Partner? 11/23/2016
Q&A How Can I Combat My Bitterness Towards My Wife and Her Affair Partner? 11/23/2016
Q&A Can You Please Explain Marathoning? 11/23/2016
Q&A How Can I Face the Triggers I Receive from His Workplace Reality? 11/23/2016
Bad Advice for Hurt Spouses 11/16/2016
Q&A Is there Any Hope for Getting Over the Pain and Anger of Betrayal? 11/02/2016
Q&A Can You Suggest Any Free Programs to Help My Spouse? 11/02/2016
Q&A Given the Length of Trickle Truth, Should I Retake the Harboring Hope Group? 11/02/2016
Q&A How can My Unfaithful Mate Help Me When I Flood Emotionally? 10/12/2016
Q&A Can We Heal from Infidelity if My Mate Isn't Empathetic, Won't Talk About it, and Blows Up When I Bring it Up? 10/11/2016
Q&A How and When do I Process All the Information of the Affairs? 9/28/2016
Q&A After More Trickle Truth, How do I Handle the Fear of More Information? 9/28/2016
Q&A Can We Recover From His Affair? 9/28/2016
Q&A How do I Stop Comparing Myself to the Affair Partner? 9/28/2016
Q&A How Can We Safely be Sexually Intimate Again After the Affair? 9/28/2016
Q&A Can a Person be Addicted to Emotional Affairs? 9/28/2016
Q&A How Can I Stop Thinking About Seeking Justice With the Affair Partners? 9/28/2016
Q&A How Do I Stay in a Cycle of Grace Vs. Performance? 9/22/2016
Q&A How do I Deal With Anger and Lack of Trust After the Affair Has Ended? 9/22/2016
Q&A Can You Help Me Understand the Strange Emotional Place I'm In? 9/14/2016
Q&A How Can I Break Down My Walls and Be Intimate Again? 9/07/2016
Q&A How Do I Face This Challenge With My Father-in-Law? 8/30/2016
Q&A What Does True Grief Look Like for a Betrayed Spouse? 8/24/2016
Q&A How Can I Move Past My Fear? 8/24/2016
Q&A How Can We Move Past My Reaction to Triggering Images? 8/24/2016
Q&A What Can I Do Now That I Feel it's No Longer a Real Marriage? 8/24/2016