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Q&A Is There Peace in Saving it When There is Nothing Sacred? 7/01/2016
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Q&A How do We Talk About it Now? 6/28/2016
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Q&A Is it Possible to Move Forward With These Details? 6/14/2016
Q&A Deceived Self Fear vs. Reality Based Fear? 6/14/2016
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Q&A How Do You Begin Recovery? 6/06/2016
Q&A How do I Handle the Rejection and Loneliness? 6/06/2016
Q&A How do I Grieve What My Husband did to Me? 6/06/2016
Q&A Is There Anything I Can do to Help My Wife Get to a Place of Forgiveness? 6/06/2016
Q&A How do We Handle the First Weeks After Discovery? 6/06/2016
Q&A In What Ways Can I Transform the Pain? 6/03/2016
Q&A When Will the Grieving End? 6/03/2016
Q&A How Did He Cheat With Someone He Hates? 6/03/2016
Q&A Should I Expose Them? 6/03/2016
Q&A Why Does Samuel Not Offer a Perspective for Us? 5/26/2016
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Q&A Does Divorce Help Lessen Triggers? 4/28/2016
Q&A How do I Free my Mind of D-Day Reminders Every Month? 4/28/2016
Q&A How Can I Get Past the Trigger Dates? 4/13/2016
Q&A (HH) Suggestions for Dealing with Trauma? 3/24/2016
Q&A (HH) Can You Recommend a Conflict Resolution Plan for Us? 3/24/2016
Q&A (HH) Can You Offer Me Any Other Advice? 3/24/2016
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Q&A Any Practical Advice for Our Cycle? 2/23/2016