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Surviving Infidelity: How Do You Handle The Disclosure Process? 2/09/2016
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Q&A Is She Choosing Not to Love Me? 2/02/2016
Q&A How Do I Get Rid of the Feeling of Him Making Me Dirty? 2/02/2016
Q&A Why Doesn't He Cry? 2/02/2016
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Q&A How Can I Handle Her Flooding? 1/26/2016
Q&A Is Replacing Physical Items Helpful for Managing Triggers? 1/12/2016
Q&A Which Feelings Should I Listen to? 1/12/2016
Q&A What Can We Do About the Triggers? 1/12/2016
Q&A Will He Be Able to Stop the Memories? 1/12/2016
Q&A He Betrayed ME! Why Am I Pursuing HIM?! 1/05/2016
Q&A Is Her Lack of Emotion Normal? 1/05/2016
Q&A Do I Have to Know About it? 1/05/2016
Q&A Can You Elaborate on Sex Addicts and Their Emotional Immaturity? 12/23/2015
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Q&A Is It Ever Okay To Express Anger? 12/01/2015
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Q&A If I Share My Fears With My Spouse, Will That Hold Us Back? 11/10/2015
Expert Q&A Preview: How Can We Have More Productive Conversations? 11/04/2015
Q&A How Do I Deal With My Spouse Saying, "Why Don't You Just Divorce Me?"? 11/04/2015
How Can the Betrayer Get Past Guilt When Spouse Gives Constant Criticism? 10/27/2015
Q&A How Do We Get Through the Anniversary Date? 10/20/2015
Q&A Can We Let the Country Music Association Know the Pain They Will Cause? 10/20/2015
Q&A What Do I Do With the Pain? 10/06/2015
Q&A What's The Difference Between Healthy Emotion and Emotional Flooding? 10/01/2015
Q&A How Important is a Normal Routine in Recovery? 9/28/2015
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Q&A How do I Transform my Pain? 9/22/2015
Q&A Do People Really Get Past the Trauma and Triggers? 9/17/2015
Q&A Is the Uneasiness Normal? 9/01/2015
Q&A How do I Respond to Continual Lies? 8/11/2015
Q&A How Does the Betrayed Spouse Deal with the Shame of the Unfaithful? 8/11/2015
Q&A How can I get Past a Desire for Revenge? 8/04/2015
Q&A How do we Cope with the Ashley Madison Blackmail News? 7/28/2015
Q&A Any Thoughts for a Hopeless Situation? 7/20/2015
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Q&A How Does PTSD Affect Affair Recovery? 7/07/2015
Q&A Is it Possible to be Mean to Someone you Love? 7/07/2015
Q&A How can I Pretend to be Happy When I'm Not? 7/07/2015
Q&A What do you Suggest I do Now? 7/07/2015