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Q&A How Do We Handle These Triggers? 9/06/2017
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Q&A How Can We De-Escalate Our Toxic Fights? 8/11/2017
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Q&A What Resources Do You Suggest for Emotional Trauma? 8/02/2017
Q&A How Do We Handle Emotions towards the Affair Partner? 8/02/2017
Q&A How Do I Stop Re-Traumatizing Myself? 7/26/2017
Q&A What Sort of Outcomes Do You See in Situations with Anger Like Ours? 7/19/2017
Q&A Are My Requests Unreasonable? 7/12/2017
Q&A How Do I Handle Running into the Affair Partner Now That the Affair Is Over? 7/12/2017
Q&A How Do I Handle Comparison with the Affair Partner and Changing My Mindset of My Self-Worth? 7/12/2017
Q&A Is Asking Questions Abusive? 7/12/2017
Q&A How Do We Handle Weddings? 7/12/2017
Q&A Is This Level of Anger Normal When Recovering from an Affair? 6/28/2017
Q&A How Do I Handle My Bitterness and Anger Coming Back after Giving Birth? 6/21/2017
Q&A How Can I Heal from the Dishonor of His Sharing My Secrets with Her? 6/21/2017
Q&A Is There Hope for Change? 6/21/2017
Q&A Letting Go: Explain the Task of Rewriting History 5/26/2017
Q&A How Should I Handle the Anniversary Dates of the Affair? 5/26/2017
Q&A Is My Wife Safe? 5/26/2017
Q&A Would a Separation Be Appropriate or Beneficial for Me to Get Healing? 5/26/2017
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Q&A How Can I Handle Intrusive Thoughts during Sex When I Can't Look at My Mate? 5/17/2017
Q&A My Spouse Is Stuck. How Can I Help Her Heal?” 5/17/2017
Q&A How Can I Help My Mate with Emotional Flooding When We're Sexual? 5/17/2017
Q&A Should I Have the Same Anger towards My Affair Partner That My Spouse Has? 5/17/2017
Q&A How Do We Combat Triggers for Upcoming Events? 5/10/2017
Q&A What Can I Do to Help Reduce the Frequency of Intrusive Imagery? 5/03/2017
Q&A How Do I Handle Triggers When the Affair Partner Is Entangled into Many Aspects of Our Lives? 5/03/2017
Q&A How Can I Learn to Cope and Handle the Hurt? 5/03/2017
Q&A When Will I Stop Being Angry and Start Grieving? 4/25/2017
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Q&A Can this Be Turned Around? 4/05/2017
Q&A Will the doubting stop? 4/05/2017
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Q&A Am I Selfish for Wanting a Divorce after He Has Dishonored Me? 3/29/2017
Q&A Is My Struggle with God Normal and How Do I Move past It? 3/08/2017
Q&A How Can I Get past Our Wedding Anniversary? 3/08/2017
Q&A Is It Possible to Let My Shield Down and Heal This? 3/08/2017