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Video Q&A How Do You Begin Recovery? 6/06/2016
Video Q&A How do We Handle the First Weeks After Discovery? 6/06/2016
Audio Q&A What Do You Suggest I Do? 6/03/2016
Audio Q&A What Do I Do Without Honesty? 6/03/2016
Audio Q&A Is Waiting for Remorse a Fool's Errand? 6/03/2016
Audio Q&A In What Ways Can I Transform the Pain? 6/03/2016
Audio Q&A What's the Right Thing to Do Here? 6/03/2016
Audio Q&A Should I Leave and Work on Me? 6/03/2016
Audio Q&A Am I Making a Federal Case Out of a Misdemeanor? 6/03/2016
Audio Q&A What Direction Should I Take? 6/03/2016
Audio Q&A Should I Expose Them? 6/03/2016
Video Q&A Am I Avoiding the Pain? 5/26/2016
Video Q&A What Can I Do About My Friends? 5/26/2016
Video Q&A Can an Addict Love Unconditionally? 5/26/2016
Video Q&A How Can We Talk When My Buttons Are Pushed? 5/17/2016
Video Q&A Should I Bail Out? 5/17/2016
Video Q&A How Could a Polygraph be a Threat if there is Nothing to Hide? 5/17/2016
Video Q&A Are Simultaneous Affairs a Red Flag for Addiction? 5/17/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Believe My Spouse Now? 5/17/2016
Video Q&A Does Safety Take Practice? 5/17/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Feel Her Love When She Does This? 5/10/2016
Video Q&A I Need Confirmation. Should I Leave Him? 5/10/2016
Video Q&A Any Advice to Help With the Flooding? 5/10/2016
Video Q&A Should We Achieve Full Disclosure Now or Wait? 5/10/2016
Video Q&A Suggestions for a Stalker? 5/10/2016
Video Q&A Am I Addicted to Limerance? 5/03/2016
Video Q&A Will This Method of Disclosure Cause me More Harm? 5/03/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Believe in Myself and the Honest Attempts of my Spouse? 5/03/2016
Video Q&A What do you Suggest for Counseling and EMS Online? 5/03/2016
Audio Q&A Are the Unfaithful Triggered by Contact? 4/28/2016
Audio Q&A How Long Should I Wait for My Spouse to Return? 4/28/2016
Audio Q&A What Will the Future Hold in This Scenario? 4/28/2016
Audio Q&A How Can I Feel Safety in an Unsafe Environment? 4/28/2016
Audio Q&A What Should I Be Looking for From My Spouse to Feel Safe? 4/28/2016
Audio Q&A Is My Newfound Independence Bad for Reconciliation? 4/28/2016
Video Q&A At What Point is Reconciliation Not Possible? 4/26/2016
Video Q&A What Else Can We do For Support? 4/26/2016
Video Q&A How Can We Get Past This Issue? 4/13/2016
Video Q&A Can You Help With the Unfaithful's Lack of Empathy? 4/13/2016