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Q&A How Common Is It for the Unfaithful Wife to Shut Down? 5/07/2018
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Q&A What Suggestions Do You Have for Helping My Mate with PTSD? 4/11/2018
Q&A Should We Revisit Locations That Trigger Me? 4/11/2018
Q&A What's Wrong with Me? 4/05/2018
Q&A How Should I Handle Seeing My Mates Affair Partner on a Regular Basis? 4/05/2018
Q&A How Can I Find the Help I Need to Process What I Am Feeling? 3/28/2018
Q&A Why Is Everything Great until I Get Triggered? 3/23/2018
Q&A Should I Be Concerned about My Unfaithful Mate's Intrusive Thoughts? 3/12/2018
Q&A Can Flooding Present Itself Physically? 3/12/2018
Q&A Why Is He Still So Defensive? 3/05/2018
Q&A Will My Mate Forever Grieve Losing the Affair Partner? 3/05/2018
Q&A How Do I Handle My Mate's Intense Emotions? 2/28/2018
Q&A Will I Ever Be Able to Go Places Where My Husband Has Taken His AP for Secret Sexual or Relational Contact? 2/14/2018
Q&A What Do I Do with Intense Thoughts during Sexual Interactions? 2/14/2018
Q&A How Do I Deal with On-Going D-Days? 2/14/2018
Q&A How Do I Deal with What Other People Think in Regards to the Affair? 2/14/2018
Q&A Can Hope Keep You Stuck in a Toxic Relationship? 2/07/2018
Q&A How Do I Support My Mates Grieving Process? 1/31/2018
Q&A Should I Be Concerned If My Mate Denies His Feelings? 1/23/2018
Q&A Why Is His Perspective of Us and of Love Getting Worse? 1/23/2018
Q&A How Do I Get over What I Don't Know? 1/23/2018
Q&A How Do You 'Feel' Emotions without Letting Them Control You? 1/22/2018
Q&A Why Do I Feel The Way That I Do? 1/22/2018
Q&A How Can I Assure My Wife That She's the One I Want? 1/10/2018
Q&A Why Do I Feel Stuck? 12/20/2017
Q&A How Can I Get past These Incredibly Painful Feelings? 12/20/2017
Q&A Will This Pain Ever Let up over Time or Will Seeing This Constantly Keep Us All from Healing? 12/20/2017
Q&A What Can I Do to Heal from the Massive Anxiety I Am Now Facing? 12/20/2017
Q&A Where Does Self-Love Fit in to the Process of Recovery? 12/20/2017
Q&A How Do I Address My Separation Anxiety? 12/20/2017
Q&A Can You Explain How to Handle Grief? 12/06/2017
Q&A How Do I Stop Getting a Sense of Security from My Anger? 11/10/2017
Q&A How Does an Unfaithful Spouse Cope with Continued Shaming from the Betrayed Spouse? 11/01/2017
Q&A How Do I Deal with Bad Dreams? 11/01/2017
Q&A How Do I Heal When My Husband Gets So Angry? 10/25/2017
Q&A How Do I Process the Truth of What Has Happened? 10/25/2017
Q&A Am I in a Phase? 10/25/2017
Q&A Was His Behavior Typical of Someone in an Affair? 10/25/2017
Understanding Grief in Infidelity 10/24/2017
Q&A How Do I Handle Daily Triggers? 10/10/2017
Q&A Is It Normal to Feel Nothing for My Spouse? 10/10/2017
Q&A How Can I Help My Wife Not Feel Like a Victim? 10/10/2017
Q&A Should I Ask about the Physical Parts of the Affair? 10/09/2017
Q&A What's the Difference between Being Emotionally Attached and Unable to Detach? 10/05/2017
Q&A How Do We Handle the Trauma of Infidelity? 9/27/2017