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Video Q&A Is there hope or should I follow through with divorce? 4/05/2017
Video Q&A How can I regain trust after this setback? 4/05/2017
Video Q&A What does Working Through this in a healthy way look like for me and my children? 4/05/2017
Video Q&A How do I Deal With My Wife’s Ambivalence? 4/05/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Bring up a Situation I'm Uncomfortable With? 3/29/2017
Video Q&A Can you Explain the statement ‘Love Acts in the Best Interest of Another person’? 3/29/2017
Video Q&A Is This as Good as it Gets? 3/29/2017
Video Q&A What Should I Do about His Behavior towards Me? 3/22/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Handle Him Working Long Distance with My Lack of Trust? 3/22/2017
Video Q&A How Can She Help Me Rebuild My Trust in Her? 3/22/2017
Video Q&A Is This a Reasonable Expectation to Ensure Our Son's Safety? 3/22/2017
Video Q&A Can You Expand Your Thoughts on Financial Infidelity? 3/22/2017
Video Q&A Will Contacting the Affair Partner Help Me Forgive? 3/15/2017
Video Q&A Why Would I Stay with Him? 3/15/2017
Video Q&A Can You Share More about the Detox Phase for the Unfaithful Spouse? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Request a Polygraph from My Mate? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A When Do You Know It's as Good as It's Going to Get? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A Is His Lack of Transparency Grounds for Divorce? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A What Is a Reasonable Shift of Expectations for My Mate in Recovery? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Regain My Confidence as a Mom When the Principals I Teach Didn't Protect Me? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A What Can I Do to Get Him to Move Forward? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A Should This Friendship End? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A Is It Common to Relapse More Than Once? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A Should I Consider Visiting Our Children without My Husband? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A What Do You Advise for Me to Set Safe Boundaries and Expectations? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A When Will My Mind Stop the Constant Back and Forth Emotions? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A When Do Unfaithful Women Typically Begin to Show Empathy? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A Will My Husband Ever Recommit to the Marriage? 2/22/2017
Video Q&A Am I Sabotaging Our Relationship Because I'm Not Getting What I Want? 2/15/2017
Video Q&A What Therapy Would You Suggest for Us? 2/15/2017
Video Expert Q&A Preview: How Do I Handle the Abrupt Emotional Changes? 2/15/2017
Video Q&A Do You Think I'll Ever Feel Safe given These Circumstances? 2/15/2017
Video Q&A What can I do to Deal with His Actions Toward Me? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A Can I Speak to the Affair Partner in this Situation? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A Should I Stay for the Kids and Just Deal with His Online Struggles? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A Are his Recovery Steps Sufficient or is Something Missing? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A How can we Achieve Transparency Without me Policing my Husband? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A Can you Offer some Advice for Our Complex Situation? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A How can Our Marriage Heal When Mental Illness Prevents Rational Affair Related Conversations? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A Should I Actively Fight my Apathy Towards my Husband or Will it Break Down Naturally? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A How can I Effectively Set a No Touch Boundary with My Husband? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A How can I Set Boundaries Without Fear of Him Returning to the Affair Partner? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A How do I Let go of my Desire to See Him Suffer and Broken? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A What Should I Do as the Unfaithful When Triggers Arise? 2/02/2017
Video Q&A Thankful my Skeletons are All Out, But Where do I go from Here? 2/02/2017
Video Q&A How can I Change my Negative Thoughts Before Launching into Anger? 2/02/2017
Video Q&A How do Our Children and I Cope While Waiting for Him to Choose Us? 2/02/2017
Video Q&A How can I Stop my Victim Thinking and Take Ownership for my Issues? 1/24/2017
Video Q&A How can a Betrayed Spouse Show Compassion for an Unempathetic Unfaithful Spouse? 1/24/2017
Video Q&A How do I Know if He is Serious About Reconciliation? 1/24/2017