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Video Q&A How Can a Just God Allow This? How can I Get rid of this Pain? 3/10/2015
Video Q&A After 3 Separate Discoveries of Infidelity, How Can I Tell if This is True Change? 3/10/2015
Video Q&A When is it Time to Stop Giving my Husband Second Chances? 3/10/2015
Video Q&A My Husband Refuses to Sever Ties with his AP. What do you Suggest I do? 3/10/2015
Video Q&A What is Each Spouse's Role in Handling Triggers? 2/24/2015
Audio Q&A Is my Spouse a Sex Addict? 2/20/2015
Audio Q&A How can my Husband Consider Himself Single? 2/20/2015
Audio Q&A Should my Spouse Take a Lie Detector? 2/20/2015
Audio Q&A How can I Know if my Husband may be Having Another Affair? 2/20/2015
Video Q&A How can I Feel Safe? 2/20/2015
Video Q&A How can I Stop Being my Spouse's Accountability Partner? 2/20/2015
Video Q&A Can I Stay With a Sex Addict? 2/10/2015
Video Q&A How am I Supposed to Accept the Idea of Relapse? 2/10/2015
Video Q&A Is it Possible that I Won't Recover? 2/10/2015
Video Q&A Should I Tell the AP's Spouse? 2/10/2015
Video Q&A Is Relapse Inevitable? 2/10/2015
Video Q&A How can we Agree on Financial Safety? 2/10/2015
Video Q&A When is Physical Intimacy Ok? 2/10/2015
Video Q&A (HFH) How do I Stop Lying to my Spouse and Myself? 1/29/2015
Video Q&A How Can I Be Safe With my Daughter Contacting my Husbands AP? 1/29/2015
Audio Q&A Looking for Hope 1/23/2015
Audio Q&A Is it Safe to Stay? 1/23/2015
Audio Q&A How Can I Get Past the Repulsion I have Towards my Spouse? 1/23/2015
Audio Q&A Can I Leave Him? 1/23/2015
Audio Q&A How do we Get to Ground Zero and end this Cycle? 1/23/2015
Audio Q&A My Spouse is Maintaining Contact with his AP. What do I do? 1/23/2015
Video Q&A (HFH) Am I a Sex Addict? 1/20/2015
Video Q&A How do I Know if I Have Forgiven Enough Times? 1/20/2015
Video Q&A My Unfaithful Spouse Will Not Share. What do I do? 1/12/2015
Video Q&A Why Doesn't my Husband Understand the Damage he is Causing? 1/06/2015
Video Q&A Do We Need Marriage as a Foundation? 1/06/2015
Video Q&A (HFH) How do I Stop Thinking About my Affair Partner? 1/06/2015
Video Q&A (HFH) I Want to Contact my Affair Partner. How do I Stop Myself? 1/06/2015
Video Q&A Should I Allow my Husband to Move Back in? 1/06/2015
Audio Q&A How do I Get Away From Pretend Normal? 12/19/2014
Audio Q&A My Husband Isn't Taking Action. Should I Leave? 12/19/2014
Audio Q&A How Can I Show my Husband he is a Sex Addict? 12/16/2014
Audio Q&A Can I Heal Without Full Disclosure? 12/16/2014
Video Q&A When will my Husband Understand his Feelings so that I can Feel Safe? 12/15/2014
Audio Q&A How Can I Calm the Hauntings? 12/11/2014
Audio Q&A How Can I Enjoy an Activity with my Spouse When he did it With his Affair Partner? 12/11/2014
Audio Q&A Limerance and Male Compartmentalization 12/11/2014
Audio Q&A My Husband Refuses to get Help and Give me Disclosure 12/11/2014
Audio Q&A What Can I do to Create Empathy Between me and my Spouse? 12/11/2014
Audio Q&A Do I Run or Reconcile? 12/10/2014
Audio Q&A Trouble Agreeing on Who to Tell, now What? 12/10/2014
Video Q&A Should I Share my Temptations and/or Failings with my Spouse? 12/01/2014