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Video Q&A Am I Being Emotionally Abused since His Affair? 7/12/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Get past the Fears of What He Will Do If I Leave Him? 7/12/2017
Video Q&A Where Do I Go from Here? 7/12/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Support Him When He Struggles to Be Safe for Us? 7/12/2017
Video Q&A Will Marriage Therapy Work If the Unfaithful Spouse Doesn't Have to Discuss What Happened? 7/12/2017
Video Q&A Should We Divorce Because We Can't Respect Each Other's Feelings? 6/21/2017
Video Q&A How Do We Move Safely from Here in the Presence of a Restraining Order? 6/21/2017
Video Q&A Why Does He Say He Wants to Save the Marriage? 6/07/2017
Video Q&A Should We Throw in the Towel before Things Get Worse? 6/07/2017
Video Q&A What Does a Betrayed Spouse Do When the Unfaithful Spouse Leaves? 5/26/2017
Video Q&A Should I Continue Forward or Wait until He Wants to Recommit to Us? 5/26/2017
Video Q&A How Long Should I Wait for My Spouse to Overcome Ambivalence and Make a Decision? 5/26/2017
Video Q&A Would a Separation Be Appropriate or Beneficial for Me to Get Healing? 5/26/2017
Video Q&A What Do We Do during This Limbo? 5/24/2017
Video Q&A Should We Move to Get Away from the Affair Partner? 5/10/2017
Video Q&A How Long Is Long Enough? 5/03/2017
Video Q&A How Can I Rekindle the Love for My Mate If They Won't Cooperate? 5/03/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Move Forward after Betrayal and Divorce? 5/03/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Achieve Forgiveness? 5/03/2017
Video Q&A Where Do I Go from Here? 5/03/2017
Video Q&A How Do We Get through This without Being Together? 4/25/2017
Video Q&A How Can I Continue to Support Myself and Keep Our Tenuous Truce without Burning Out? 4/12/2017
Video Q&A Is my loneliness an excuse to hold onto our marriage? 4/05/2017
Video Q&A Is it a good idea to move out for a temporary separation? 4/05/2017
Video Q&A How do I get my unfaithful spouse to cooperate? 4/05/2017
Video Q&A How does one achieve closure from a marriage? 4/05/2017
Video Q&A Is there hope or should I follow through with divorce? 4/05/2017
Video Q&A What Should I Do about His Behavior towards Me? 3/22/2017
Video Q&A Should I Continue to Focus on My Own Therapy at This Point? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A Could This Be the End? 2/15/2017
Video Q&A Can you Offer some Advice for Our Complex Situation? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A How can I Work Through the Difficulties Regarding my Husband Leaving me for his Affair Partner? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A How do I Disclose to my Unfaithful Husband that I'm Leaving? 2/08/2017
Video Q&A Is it Time to Move Forward so He Doesn't Hold me Back? 1/24/2017
Video Q&A Would it be Best Overall if we Divorced so he Could Pursue his Affair Partner? 1/18/2017
Video Q&A How do I Get my Spouse to Understand my Need for Full Disclosure? The Affair is Ongoing. 12/20/2016
Video Q&A When do I Say I'm Moving On? 12/20/2016
Video Q&A I want Recovery to Work, but Things Aren't Changing. Will it Get Better? 12/16/2016
Video Q&A What are the Options Available Without Full Disclosure? 12/16/2016
Video Q&A How do I Handle my Wife's Lack of Empathy? 12/16/2016
Video Q&A Based on our Situation, Would it be Best to Separate? 12/16/2016
Video Q&A How Can We Heal from Her Affair Under these Circumstances? 12/07/2016
Video Q&A How can we Heal if we don't Talk? 12/07/2016
Video Q&A How do you Enforce Boundaries Short of Separation or Divorce? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A Is it OK for Me to Say No Even Though it May Make Things Worse? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A Have you Seen a Marriage Recover from this Kind of Affair? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A How Can I Not Feel Lonely While My Spouse Grieves the Loss of His Affair Partner? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A Why Can't He, and Will He Ever, Understand My Pain? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A What Concerns Should I Have at this Point in Our Recovery from His Affair? 11/30/2016
Video Q&A How do We Deal With Chronic Pain, Medication Addiction, and Affair Recovery? 11/23/2016